Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Whatever Happened To... : Dj Radikal MK

Radikal MK is one of the Pioneer Turntablist here in the Philippines... He started DJing in the early 90's and became popular as the resident DJ/Producer of the Rap Group Death Threat... Radikal MK did different side projects with other artist... He also competed on the DJ Mixing Championship and became a champ himself.. But after Death Threat's Still Wanted album he goes MIA... Now he can be seen playing with "Hardware Syndrome" (Francis M.'s band)... and according to our source he is currently working as an audio Engineeer for Hit Productions.. A production outfit that specialize on Jingles... So our Question is.. Will he be coming back to the scene and make new hip-hop tracks ?... Like the track that we feature here.. which is "Wreck Dialect" an RMK solo Track from El Latino's sophomore album "Young & Dangerous".. Damn we really hope that he will come back and wreck again the wheels of steel..

The Anthill Mobb (By Request)

Click On The Image For Track Download

Since it's gonna be another long vacation we might as well give you some goodies to get you over the weekend..This is the first Hiphop group that released an album under Cebu City's 6000 Goonz Label... Before Dice & K-9 became popular here and abroad... Their group was called Anthill Mobb which is composed of K-9, Pain & Dice...They've been makin' & sellin their music independently in Cebu... The trio released there first album in 1996 entitled "Modus Operandi" and followed it up in 2000 with their Album "All Art is A Game with & Fight Against Chaos" and it is also the year that the group and 6000 Goonz roster was featured in "Vibestation's Urban MYX"... where everyone became aware of the growing Hiphop scene in Cebu... In the said episode... their first music video "21st Century" from their second album was aired... But after the album "Pain", they went on hiatus... A couple of years they were reborn as Dice & K9, and they took over the airwaves with their Mega-Hit "Itsumo"... Then the rest is history...
"This Is The Video that was Played on Urban MYX"

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Certified Classic !!!

Back in the Day when everyone just keeps on making their own albums or compilation... A certain DJ known as Arbie Won came and changed the game...He broke the bandwagon or outdone the other DJ's or artists did before him...And this was through his mixtapes..Yes you read it right Mixtapes and not MixCD..Yeah we still use the word Mixtape even if it's already in CD format... But what im trying to say is that this guy is already making Mixtapes on Cassettes independently when no one else does... He Released different Mixtapes from Party to Reggae Mixes..Until in 1999 he released the Now Classic and Rare "United Freestyles v.1 which features 40+ MC's doing their own Verses... Included in the album are then unknown artist like K-Nut, Rapskallion, Trife-1 (now known as JOLO),2tay, Artstrong & Pamilia D. to name a few..Old timers Syke, Dash of Legit Misfitz, Urban Flow, Madd Poets, BB Clan & ill-j of SVC also participated on the Mixtape that was released independently through Gigs, word of mouth orders and on some skateboard & Thrift Shops... Then in 2003 the much anticipated and the first ever DJ Album entitled "United Freestyles v. 2" which contains all Original Tracks from the Dopest Rappers here in P.I. was released commercially and bagged 3 trophies on the 1st Philippines Hip-Hop Awards... After that a lot of People keep on asking where is the "vol.1" ? and there are also stupid m*thaf#ck@rs said that there were no vol.1 was released before...So to put all the rumors and arguing to rest... We at SoulSonic asked the man himself for a CD format (coz we only had it on cassette) of the Mixtape...But he gave more than what we asked for..He allowed us to give it as a Free Download here at SoulSonic...So to all the heads...here is your chance to have a copy of the Classic Mixtape...Take it as an early Christmas Present from us... Peace....
1) Intro
2) Proof Positive
3) Caliph-8
4) Quaizy Illeon
5) Shadowblyde of PD
6) Artstrong
7) E-Quipt
8) Ali
9) K-Nut
10) Cyphasis
11) 2Tay
12) Sunny Blaze of Urban Flow
13) Trife 1 aka J.O.L.O
14) Kristyles
15) Flipjoint
16) G-Money
17) Dash
18) Side 2 Intro
19) 7 Shots
20) Playa P
21) YounGalaxy of PD
22) Caine
23) Rapskallion
24) Ill-J
25) Killa Drip of PD
26) Mad Frick of PD
27) Lemsy
28) D-Coy
29) Syke
30) Gasmastah
31) 8th Messenger of PD
32) Ace-1 of Down Earf
33) Outro

Friday, October 26, 2007

Old Skool Fridays: "Fratsta" - Death Threat

Who wouldnt have heard or knew the 1993 Smash Hit "Gusto Kong Bumaet"..from the debut album of the Pioneer in "Gangsta Rap" here in P.I..."Death Threat" !!! which is composed of the founding members Genezide & Beware...This album is filled with Hard-Core tracks that tackles on different subject matters..like "Pesteng Anay" a track that is about AIDS..then "Bantay Salakay" where the group talks about Corrupt Officials in the Goverment... Mastaplann was featured on "Kickin Lyrics" and aside from that...Mastaplann together with Andrew E. & DJ MOD were the Producers of this Album.. But among the tracks that ive mentioned..."Fratsta" is still my Favorite..the track that was made 14 years ago is still up to date...this song is about Fraternity/Gangs's Hazing,Wars & Other negative aspects of it. Perfect example of this is the recent Death of another College Student Chris Mendez who died because of severe injuries caused by violent hazing...R.I.P Chris Mendez..So all you peeps out there listen to this Track... "Fratsta"

ComeBack to Back !!!

In 2003 we witnessed Lady Diane's comeback on P-Noise v.1 Compilation..and we even seen her on a TV Interview mentioning that she has an album coming out..But unfortunately up to this day we haven't heard of anything yet..then in 2004 another pioneer artist in the local hip-hop rap scene came back..and he goes by the name of Denmark..He released his comeback album under his Blind Rhyme Productions.. and features appearances by his fellow old skool rappers Michael V. & Francis M...Then this Month we just recently heard and seen on the Net..The Comeback of another female rapper and the first trilingual group in the P.I...The Pioneers that im talking about is no other than MC Lara & Rapasia..First we've seen MC Lara performing on "Urban Hope" and i think she's already a mainstay there..Second is Rapasia..who recently created a "multiply.com" account...But were not still sure if they're gonna release their respective comeback albums..So for those you haven't heard of them..Check out our Older Posts or the Archive Section of SoulSonic Tv..Both of them were already featured on our old skool fidays..and let's just wait for their further announcements..


Pics are from Rapasia & Urban Hope's Multiply Page...

Myspace Artist Of The Week: M.L.

Click On The image For Myspace Link

This week's Myspace artist of the week is "M.L.(Mutant Lyricist)"..another Pinoy MC in the US that was Born in the Philippines and raised in Brooklyn,New York..M.L. already released a mixtape Entitled "PHILAMERICA"..Under his own label "D'Rebel Music"..Just check out his page & listen to some of the tracks from his album..


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Video Drop: Mike Swift

This is One of the Latest Video from M. Swift. Yeah we all know that you already knew that he is the YouTube King in the Local Hip-Hop Scene..So i think we gotta give props to his hard work & passion to put the philippines on the International..That is why To The Billboard-SoulSonic Exclusive is in the work right now.. Watch Out for that !! Plus we gonna keep you updated on his YouTube Videos.. But for now See him at YRB magazine's Photo Shoot... enjoy..

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hip-Hapan this week!!

Sembreak na naman woohoo!! Ano pa nga ba kung di magcelebrate at makihiphop ngayong linggo sa mga favorite nyong artists!! Syempre kahit tropa nyo ang magpe-perform, suportahan pa rin natin sila at magbayad ng entrance(oops may tinamaan ba?? hehe)... dahil tulong na rin yun sa mga artists at promoter para mabigyan tayo ng hiphapan..At wag kayo mahiya umorder ng drinks, dahil nakakahiya naman kung nakaupo lang tayo at walang order. Pero seriously..eto na ang rundown ng mga Hiphop gigz this week!!

Oct. 23 Tuesday- "TriFecTA" listening party for 2tay, Monique and People's Future. With guests, Pamilia Dimagiba, ILL-J and Marquiss. Solid ang lineup na to! punta na mamya sa FREEDOM BAR (near Kamias QC) 9:00 PM sharp daw!!

Oct.26 Friday- "SO DeeP" video launch of Nimbus9 10pm @ Prince of Jaipur The Fort.
Performers to be announced. Medyo mahal beer dito pero sabihin nyo nalang alalay kayo ng Dj at kayo ang tagakuha ng beer. Ok lang sulit dahil madaming bebot dito at indi espadahan haha.

Oct. 27. Saturday Datu's Tribe Album Launch at Kinkoy's Kamuning...Teka bakit nahaluan ng rakista dito???!! Hehe ok lang yan dahil front act nila ang Pamilia Dimagiba magperform ng mga bagong kanta nila sa album nila. With performances by The Jerks, Spaceflowers atbp !!!

Oct. 27 Saturday Gloc-9 gig at Yes Celebrity kapares. Wala akong alam dito kung san pero check nyo nalang ang multiply ni Gloc-9 hehe

Para naman sa mga maarte at ayaw ng pinoy hiphop marami ding clubs ng hiphapan ang tugtog. Sa Guilly's every thursday ay may hiphapan dyan, tambayan din ng mga rappers at syempre mga belyas sa industriya. Mura lang dito at kayong aford ng O.H (ordinaryong hiphop.) Kung medyo upscale trip nyo sa Embassy naman every wednesdays Hiphop din tugtug pero dami din bading. Sa Jaipur Fridays at Saturdays ok din hip-hapan talaga tugtog mga latest ni Akon. Lastly, check nyo si homeboy Mastershock", every Tuesday & Saturdays ay nasa Barracks Morato sya..ok din dito mura beer, madaming chicks at late ang sara. Ingat lang sa mga balak mag 1,2,3 dahil may Sniper sila sa rooftop.

Manila Madness 2

This album was released in the US by the Forensic Science which is composed of Xienhow, Floss A Fee, Swami, Enzyme Dynamite & Fil-Am Artist "Killa Stormz"..The Group Already released numerous projects (Solo Albums & Mixtapes)..Some of them guested on Nimbus9's Philippine Phenom Mixtape..and they've already visited the philippines...Which i think lead to the guest appearances by Dash,Mike Swift & Nimbus9 on the "Sunny Day" track from this album...Enjoy !!!

For More Info Check Out Their Myspage Page:

Friday, October 19, 2007

Old Skool Fridays: R. A. P. 1st Issue

Since one of our old skool artist last week is a Dongalo 1st Batch member..plus i already mentioned the R.A.P. album...We decided to put that Album for this week's Old Skool Fridays...The now classic and very hard to find R.A.P. or Rap Artist of The Philippines 1st Issue features debut appearances from BB Clan, Syke, Richie Rich, Madd Poets, Chinese Mafia ,IPK & Oblaxz..It Includes 8 Solid Tracks...And all of its song were at that time are undeniably 1st of its kind...from IPK's "Quickie" up to the last track "Kapkapan" by Madd Poets which features D.F.T. are now classics..it also includes the diss track to Punks(Rockers/Metal heads)"Bolanchaw" by Chinese Mafia which (composed of Chi-Nig & Jay Flava before Klutch-B joined the group)...Caine of El Latino can be also heard on this album as Madd Drop 1 who used to be a member of Madd Poets...Other tracks that made this a classic are "Sya'y Kadiri" by Richie Rich, "A.E.I.O.U." by Ali & Simon of BB Clan, Taong Tibe and Syke's Conscious Track Paano Na ?..But i think the notable track on this album is "Taong Ina Mo" by Oblaxz... Because as far as i can remember this track was already promoted on DM 95.5 s as part of Oblaxz debut album and not on R.A.P...Then if you gonna listen to this track..you gonna notice that it is not only Oblaxz who performed the song but it also features Ghetto Doggs or other Dongalo artist..But in the Inlay's Credits Oblaxz & Pooch were the only performers listed..Anway here is another Dongalo Old Skool track " Taong Ina Mo"

Myspace Artist of The Week: Deep Foundation

Another Pinoy Pride from NY/New Jersey..They are actively representin the P.I. in States.. So Check Out this group called Deep Foundation
Click On The Image For Their Myspace Artist Page

Dekoding A.M.P.O.N

This cut is taken from the Ampon album "Dekoding Rhythm". This independent release is now out. You can get your copy during one of their shows, or just leave a comment in the shoutout box. For the uninitiated, this is pretty deep stuff, treading the lines on what others may call "Emo-Rap" and Hardcore Rap.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Joint: Joe Metro EP !! - Blue Scholars

Click On The Image For Track Download
Matapos mailabas ang very well-received na album "Bayani", ang Blue Scholars ay nagbabalik with a fresh new EP entitled "Joe Metro".Ang tagteam ni MC Geologic (one of my favorite Fil-Am rappers now) at DJ Sabzi just released a digital-only EP that you can only get from their website & other online music stores like itunes, napster, wal-mart at iba pa... Chillout beats pero intellectual topics and catchy flow ang dahilan kung bakit trip na trip ko tong group na to..Eto na. Check out a remix off their new EP. - Special thanks to Jobert for the hookup..

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Don G Interview !!!

Dongalo Wreckords, the most established Rap label here in the Philippines. The label that is responsible for most careers of rap artists that we see in the scene today. Now the label is equipped with new talents which are like bombs that in any given time are about to blow up...and one of them is Don G the critically acclaimed Punchline Boy of Dongalo Wreckords. Known for his Hardcore/Explicit lyrics and being a member of one of the hardest Group in Dongalo which goes by the name of Gulpe De Gulat..A 3 Man group which is composed of Black, Pacman and Don G.. Now for the very first time and it is only here in SoulSonic TV that a Dongalo Artist has ever been interviewed...Don G talks about his Mixtape, the latest news in Dongalo, Andrew E. and the real talk bout Gulpe De Gulat.

SOL: Don G Belgica, What's up? So you're coming out with a Mixtape (or two?) What can we expect in terms of Subject Matter and Theme? Somethin for the Streets to Bump?

DON G: Yeah, may Mixtape akong ilalabas "Sa Pagsara ng Pinto" this month at "Plataporma" yung 2nd Mixtape ko, nasa 70% complete na sya. Well, karamihan ng tema ng mga kanta ay base sa mga personal experiences ko noon at ngayon sa Streets at sa Rap Game. Bale meron syang 15 tracks and 3 skits.

SOL: What's your Favourite track out of the Mixtape? What's the song that, when people listen to it, they'll be like "Damn."

DON G: Hmmm....May kumpyansa naman ako sa mga tracks ko doon sa Mixtape. Being a Dongalo MC palang kakaiba na sa pandinig ng ibang tao eh. pero para sakin ang pinaka gusto kong mga tracks dun ay Ang Bagong Siga Dito, Rolemodel, at Tagahanga.

SOL: Alright, Alright, So enough of beating around the bush. People say that you're the next big thing in Pinoy Gangsta rap. Like, the next Genezide or Beware. How does that feel ? Agree or Not ?

DON G: What the Fu*k ?! the next who?!(haha) Syempre nakaka-taba ng puso. But nah, Di ako pwedeng ikumpara sa mga yun. Mga Alamat na ng Larangan natin yun e. Sila ay sila, Ako ay ako. May mga Rebulto na yan sa mga Lansangan ng Pinas eh. Im just the new Bad Guy in Town.(haha)!

SOL: What are/were your influences growing up? Who did Don G listen to and who did he admire?

DON G: Who do i listen to when i was a kid? si Kuya Alex yung taga Benta ng Bato at Damo sa lugar namin at si O.G Dyablo sya nagbabagsak ng Baril sa amin e. I admire them a lot. (hahaha)! nah bro seriously, pinapakinggan ko nun syempre si Pooch, Death Threat, yung dating Gloc-9, Hi-Jakkk, Apocalypse Armada, Anak ni Bakuko, Ghetto Doggs, Oblaxz, IPK, Genezide, BB Clan, Kruzzada, dati taga Cebu ako kaya Anthill Mobb din (MobbStarr) basta lahat ng mga Pinoy MC's na nakakarelate ako sa mga kanta nila. Di ako naging fan masyado ng foreign music eh.

SOL: So why'd you pick Dongalo? Couldn't you have signed to Real Deal or Maddworld? What was special about Dongalo Wreck?

DON G: Oh.. Noon ang pangarap ko lang talaga ay maging myembro ng Ghetto Doggs o ng Death Threat.. masaya na ako dun. eh hindi ko alam kung pano mag submit ng demo sa DT noon eh (hahaha). at tsaka ang gusto din talaga ng mga kasama ko sa Gulpe noon sa Dongalo pumasok.. so nagpasa kami ng demo kay Kuya Drew. Buti nalang tinanggap kami. pero yun yung rason ko noon. Ngayon naintindihan ko na iba pala talaga ang Dongalo Wreck, talagang nagmamahalan at may kapatiran talaga sa Loob ng Kampo na sa tingin ko hindi ko mararansan sa ibang kampo at yun ang nag iinspira sakin araw araw.

SOL: Okay, so it's been said, disputed, argued about and pissed on for a long time now. The single most controversial thing said in recent years about the scene in P.I. "There's no Philippine Hip-Hop, only Philippine Rap." Do you believe in that statement, if so, why ? Give the readers the explanation they've been waiting for from somebody in the Dongalo Camp itself.

DON G: Mahabang kwentuhan yan (haha). Kung ano ang sagot ni Andrew E. sa tanong na yan noon ay ganun din ang isasagot ko. sana lang ay mag respetuhan nalang tayo ng mga opinion...pero ako kasi lumaki ako sa lugar na yung mga tao walang pake o walang alam sa Hip-Hop eh. nung panahon na nagsisimula palang yung mga Gang dito sa pinas at halos pantay pantay pa ang bilang ng iba't ibang mga Gang noon. yeah may mga Gangsters, may mga nakikita kang mga naka Baggy Pants, Jerseys, Bandanas n all that. Pero wala silang alam sa Hip-Hop...Ang Graffiti nila ay Vandal ng mga Gang Tags nila sa mga Eskinita, walang mga DJing dahil yung mga homies pumupunta sa mga clubs not unless magbebenta ng droga (hahaha)! Ako ang alam ko lang talaga ay mag Rap dahil sa mga naririnig kong mga kanta nung mga naunang mga tao sakin. So di ko naramdaman yung Culture talaga. Opinion ko yan Respect It. peace.

SOL: What's Andrew E. like in Real Life?

DON G: Man...pag sinabi "Kuya" hindi lang simpleng term yun. parang kuya talaga sya. di sya nauubusan ng mga payo sa amin. lalo na sa akin dahil ako lagi ang nasasangkot sa mga Gulo eh.. well, ako tsaka si Padrino ng Kruzzada (haha). Si Kuya Drew...kung Mabait kang Kaibigan sa kanya edi mas Mabait syang Kaibigan Sayo, at kung Kaaway mo sya edi mas Totoong Kaaway sya Sayo. Dapat dati may dadamputin na kaming Rapper na taga kabila eh...pero ang umawat pa samin ay si Kuya. ganon sya Kabait. at tsaka Totoong Tao Sya, hindi Plastic...Halimbawa, pag may bagong Nike Cortez ka tapos biglang nakatapak ka ng Tae, Lahat ng mga Homies mo sasabihin na T@n*i#a pre ang tindi ng Sapatos mo Pabinyag naman! si Kuya lang yung magsasalita na "Oi Homeboy ! T@n*i#a ang Baho ng Sapatos mo ! Eto Tsinelas ko...Hiramin mo muna Kapatid."

SOL: Will we ever get another Ghetto Doggs Album ? Was he just teasing us at the end of "Clean" or is there something in the Works ? Will Pooch ever Resurface ?

DON G: Ok let me give y'all an insight about Ghetto Doggs. Ang Ghetto Doggs ay ginagawa lang kapag lahat kami sa Dongalo ay nakakaramdam ng galit. Hindi basta basta maglalabas ng Ghetto Doggs si Pooch kapag hindi authentic yung galit na nararamdaman namin. Kaya pansin mo sa mga GD tracks...Mararamdaman mo talaga yung galit ng mga tao na dinaan sa musika eh. Pero pinapangako namin sa lahat na oras na may lumabas man na GD yun na ang pinaka matinding GD album na maririnig nyo. Sa ngayon.. baka matagalan pa ang Ghetto Doggs lumabas dahil masaya naman kaming lahat eh.

SOL: Okay, so give us the lowdown on some of Dongalo's up and coming talent. Who can we expect from the Dongalo Camp aside from Don G. and what Albums are in the works ?

DON G: Ang Dongalo kasi ang melting pot ng ibat ibang stilo ng rap eh. iba't ibang klase ng tao na may iba't ibang estado, ugali, paniniwala, atbp. pero nagkakaisa parin kami. pag nagsama sama kami parang isang malaking pamilya talaga. Sa nakikita ko ngayon si Khen Magat ang lumalakas sa mga tao. Maglalabas din sya ng Mixtape next month "The Filipino Freestylist" ang tindi ng determinsayon at sipag nitong batang ito. Ang Phat Nasty Crew nilalakad yung deal nila with Viva, May mixtape din ang Thug Rhyme Soon na ino-organize ko called Muntinlupa Style Volume 5 "Ika-Limang Hakbang". Pati yung mga taga Bulacan kumikilos din sila...May ilalabas na Underground Album called "3rd Round" ang "Rabies Agenda" na pinangungunahan ni Yan-E at Dos Bulakenyos. Si DsS din madalas kong kasama sa studio ngayon gumagawa ng Mixtape nya, sya ang nagiisang English Mc ng Dongalo ngayon galing Switzerland. What up BLOOD ! Maglalabas din ng bagong album ang Salbakuta Soon! Abangan nyo yun...May music video din silang ginagawa ngayon para sa for "FFC-Filipino Fighting Championship" produced by Jaw Tee. Yung Pentagon Album #1 patapos narin, andun ako, Kruzzada, Gagong Rapper, Khen Magat, at si Jaw Tee. may Dongalo Tv din kaming ginagawa ngayon parang yung sa BET Rap City at ako at si Boowang Alamat ang maghohost. Then baka isabay ko na yung 2nd Mixtape ko sa T.B.S. Project ng Kruzzada at Kurubat Klan. at oo nga pala, yung Clothing Line ko "GuGu" ay malapit ko narin ilabas.

SOL: Are the rumours true that you've left Gulpe de Gulat? Is there a Gulpe Mixtape or album in the works? Where's Pacman? Put an end to all the rumours.

DON G: Yes. Hindi na talaga kami nagkasundo sa mga gusto naming gawin sa rap careers namin. Pero salamat narin sa kanila dahil kung di dahil sa kanila hindi ako gaganahan magsipag para sa sarili ko, para kay kuya Drew at sa Dongalo. Gulpe mixtape? i dont know...meron siguro pero hindi na ako kasama doon. Asan si Pacman? Aba Malay. Dongalo parin naman sila e so GuGuGuGu-dluck sa kanila.

SOL: Are you ever planning to reach mainstream success like Andrew E, Francis M, or Dice & K9? We've seen Gangsta Albums go Gold and Platinum before (Death Threat "Wanted," Kruzzada's "Pookeenanginang Bitch"), are you gonna try to top those before you? Or are you keeping it Strictly Underground for the Streets.

DON G: Kung may pagkakataon edi bakit hindi? pero syempre dapat di ko parin kalimutan kung para saan or para kanino ko ginagawa yung music ko.

SOL: What's your inspiration to keep rapping? Some people rap for food, but if you're already set for life, why do you still rap?

DON G: Matagal ko nang pangarap ito eh. Bata palang ako Nililip-Synch ko na mga kanta nila Beware, Genezide, Pooch, at ng lahat ng mga inspiration ko noon. Di ko inaakalang makakasama ko narin yung mga taong tinitingala ko. and masaya naman ako sa mga ginagawa ko ngayon sa Rap game, sa Dongalo. kasi kahit papano ay natutulungan ko yung ibang mga label mates ko na kulang pa sa tulak para gawin kung ano ang dapat nilang gawin kahit sa maliit na paraan lang.

SOL: Who are your Favourites in the Game right now ? Locally and Internationally.

DON G: Oh man ang dami...Internationally...hmmm...I'd say Papoose, Lupe Fiasco, Lloyd Banks (laging kong pinapabayo sa kotse ko ngayon), The Game, Jadakiss, Fabo, Termanology, Dr Dre, Mobb Deep, B.I.G...Dito sa Pinas...Pooch, Andrew E, Hi-Jakkk, God's Will, PHD, DaMob ng PNC, Kruzzada, Khen Magat, Mike Swift, at syempre kahit papano Gulpe. yung bagong DT album inaabangan ko din.

SOL: What is your advice for anyone wanting to break out of the crime life and into the rap game? Is there even a line between the two? Why do you think there are so many gangsta rappers but only a few that have gained any type of recognition?

DON G: Basta ang alam ko tungkol sa buhay ko at buhay ng mga tao sa paligid ko lang yung mga kadalasang maririnig nyo sa mga kanta ko. At wag pagkukumpera sa totoong Crime Life ang Rap Game, Coz if youre doing good and earning Shitloads of Money dahil sa illegal edi bakit ka pa papasok sa Rap Game ? Theres a difference between Gangsta Rappers and them Typical MC's, kasi kahit sino pwedeng maging MC. pero hindi lahat pwede maging Gangsta MC na Authentic. Ang daming MC's ngayon na Matitigas lang sa mga Studios pero sa totoong buhay Bahag naman ang mga Buntot. Well yun siguro yung isang rason kung bakit konti lang talaga ang mga umuusad samin eh. Advice ko lang, kung hindi ka talaga matigas edi Wag ka na Kumanta tungkol sa mga Barilan o Drugs kasi baka ikapapahamak mo lang yan. Matuto kang Lumugar at Kumanta ka nalang tungkol sa Pagka-Pilipino mo, Love Songs, o gumawa ka ng Club Tracks. yan pwede ka dyan. pero dito wag ka na pumwesto baka gawing Promotion ka lang ng mga Tao dito pag Tinira Ka.

SOL: What do you think is so Attractive about Gangsta Rap? What about its Mechanics make it so compelling to listen to?

DON G: Its the BadBoy Street Music bro...Nowadays, everyone wants to be One Bad Motherfucker sa Hood. and Whats One Bad Motherfucker without his Own Theme Song?

SOL: So you've lived in that life. What do you say to those who say that Gangsta Rap, say, your "Ang Mga Katropa Ko," Glorifies that Lifestyle? Would you advise people to stay away from that Lifestyle or Embrace it? To all the Hip-Hop Heads in the Hood, What's your Message?

DON G: This is Life Aint Nothing Glorious bout getting Locked Up, Selling Drugs or Guns, Stabbing or Shooting People para may Pambayad ka sa Meralco o sa Manila Water. may mga Homeboys ako ngayon na ganun ang dinadanas nila, and they Aint Smiling. so yeah Stay Away Kids.

SOL: You are now considered the Noisiest and the Baddest Dongalo Soldier...And I think you are the Most Hard Working Member and the One who's Responsible on Putting up New Schemes & Gimmicks in your Camp...Is there a Possibility that Dongalo's Gonna Open Up It's Doors now to Other Camps.. In terms of Collaboration.. Events Etc. ?

DON G: Open up its Doors huh? (hehehe) well, Basta Cool naman yung mga tao sa label namin at kay Kuya Drew edi bakit hindi ? Sa ngayon nakakasama namin and were cool with Death Threat, B-Roc at ang Turbulence Prod, Ampon, Hi-Jakkk, sina MasterShock at Layzie Fu ng Kosa Entertainment, at madami pang iba. So yeah malay nyo makarinig kayo ng mga collabs soon na hindi nyo Ini-Expect na mangyari. its the New DONGALO bro., Anything can happen.

SOL: Any Last Words for the Listeners or Heads out there..

DON G: Sa Pagsara ng Pinto Mixtape and Plataporma Mixtape Coming Out Soon! and for more info register and login @

SOL: Thanks for your time..

DON G: Salamat din and More Power sa Inyo. Peace ! Dongalo!

Interview Done By: SOL

Monday, October 15, 2007

New Video: GLOC-9 "Sumayaw Ka"

Eto bagong video muna pampainit ngayong Lunes. Gloc-9 "Sumayaw Ka". Text na kayo at request na sa MYX!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Old Skool Fridays: Oblaxz & Flipz

Since it's a long weekend we gonna give you two artist for our Old Skool Fridays..First is Oblaxz...who is One of the first batch of artist on Andrew E.'s Dongalo Wreckords..They are also the first Group on the Label's Roster to release an Album entitled Bisyo Ng Demonyo that was after the Now Classic R.A.P. Compilation which was the Label's First Release..The Group became popular or known as Staple artist on DM 95.5 Drive By show which was Hosted by Andrew E. himself. but After their First Album..they part ways with Andrew E...Oblaxz released their second Album (Ang Testamento) under Concorde Records.. After that Album there were rumors that Oblaxz & Dongalo has a feud going on...the issue became a big when I.P.K. a fellow former Dongalo Artist released the K.A. Lahi Compilation..That leads to the Two Groups Own Label..Named IPK-Oblaxz Music.. which feature new rap artist..But the feud was Proven when Dongalo released the Ghetto Doggs 2 Album...were lyrical shots was fired at former Dongalo artist & K-9 Killaz (that's another story)..Oblaxz released Two More Albums (Perdegana & Forever) which still contains tracks retaliating to their former Camp...Now A new Oblaxz album is Coming Soon..which was stated on their Rap Game One Compilation. The Group's Last release Since Forever Album...Instead of waiting for their New album.. Let's Just Listen to one of their Classic Tracks..A reminiscin on Dongalo & DM 95.5 Hey Days !!! Phukk Da Joots Remix !!!

Now our Next artist is No Other than Quickie..este Flipz which is composed of Mic Checka & Choco Chipp their album was released in 1995 under JML Records..It Contains 8 Tracks.. 7 of them were produced by Dj Coki and 1 track was produced by Dj Mick & Dj RMK..This group although not part of Dongalo was active in the DM 95.5 era..Until a sudden change came.. when Mic Checka released the K-9 Killaz album under the name Dog Catcha..But after that he went on Hiatus..Then in year 2000 he returned as Quickie..Equipped with his new Style which is similar to Andrew E.'s and released 3 Albums...One Under Viva & Two albums under Galaxy Records...Some of his Track were heard on the Radio because of its Novelty Masa Appeal.. But I Think his Flipz Album is Better than the 3 Quickie Albums.. So Now we Give you "Bayan Kong Madilim" from the Flipz self titled Album... SSSoulSoniccc !!!

MySpace Artist Of The Week: Miss Saigon

Finally back on this piece!! Dito lang sa 'pinas na laging may 3-day weekend vacation once a month kaya eto na naman buhay na uli tayo dahil may konting bakasyon!! First things first we have a new segment here at SoulsonicTv, it's called "MYSPACE ARTIST OF THE WEEK", in which we hook you up with some pinoy artists on the myspace world na kahit papano e deserving your attention. So for the first one, check out our lovely kababayan from New York (akala namen vietnamese!), MS. SAIGON. She is not affiliated with Saigon the rapper, but she's also an aspiring rapper, but judging on her looks, pwede rin model. Check out her music and pics at her page! If you have suggestions on who's myspace page to feature, just holla at the comment box ayt!!

Click On The Image For her MySpace Artist Page

End Of The Week Banger !!!

Here's a certified banger from Termanology. I must say this is the best beat Dj Premier has done so far this year.Click on Pic to put it on your Mp3 Playa !!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Joint: "Sikat"- A.M.B.I.T.O.

AMBITO's Debut Album Legendary Legacy was released on Nov. 2006 under his Own Label Flips Of Fame Records. The album consists of 23 Tracks. and it is still available at Tower Records.

Now he is About to release a Mixtape entitled "P.N.A.S." and we at SoulSonic TV gives you a FREE download of the First Single "SIKAT" from AMBITO's upcoming Mixtape. Just Click on the Image for Track Download.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Old Skool Fridays: "Yan Ang Bata" - Rapiboys

If you guys can see..We dont have that much Post/Stuff for all of you this week..it is caused by our Work Schedule & Laziness... but still we should not fail on putting up a 0ld Skool Friday. And Our Artist for the week is now known as "Pariente" who released an Album in 2002 under Harmony Music..Which also released an Album on Dongalo Wreckords in 1999 under the Group Name "Dugong Pasay".. But before those albums & name change. They were known as "Rapiboys" still composed of Lamberto Brothers plus a kid named Rusell Abrigande (Who is he?) their album was released in 1991 entitled "Yan Ang Bata" under Viva Records. And who said that P.diddy Invented Remix.. "Rapiboys" Yan Ang Bata was released in Remix Special Edition.. it contains 4 Tracks.. Yan Ang Bata & Okay Lang Walang Bawas.. Original & Remix Version..Nuff Said.. So Here's the Title Track from Rapiboys Album..

Monday, October 1, 2007

New Video !!! "Smile" - Quaizy

This is from Quaizy's Debut Album "Strip Club"