Friday, October 26, 2007

Old Skool Fridays: "Fratsta" - Death Threat

Who wouldnt have heard or knew the 1993 Smash Hit "Gusto Kong Bumaet"..from the debut album of the Pioneer in "Gangsta Rap" here in P.I..."Death Threat" !!! which is composed of the founding members Genezide & Beware...This album is filled with Hard-Core tracks that tackles on different subject "Pesteng Anay" a track that is about AIDS..then "Bantay Salakay" where the group talks about Corrupt Officials in the Goverment... Mastaplann was featured on "Kickin Lyrics" and aside from that...Mastaplann together with Andrew E. & DJ MOD were the Producers of this Album.. But among the tracks that ive mentioned..."Fratsta" is still my Favorite..the track that was made 14 years ago is still up to date...this song is about Fraternity/Gangs's Hazing,Wars & Other negative aspects of it. Perfect example of this is the recent Death of another College Student Chris Mendez who died because of severe injuries caused by violent hazing...R.I.P Chris Mendez..So all you peeps out there listen to this Track... "Fratsta"