Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Francis M.: Collectors Edition CDs

This box set contains Francis M.'s first 3 albums (Yo !, Rap is Francis M & Meron Akong Ano) that is Digitally Remastered and includes Bonus Tracks on each CD.

Personally I am really happy that Francis M.'s early albums were finally released here in PI. I always wanted to have a CD copy of his first 3 albums. I even tried to order @ regalfilms.com where it is only available back then but they only allow US residents to order. So for me who is residing here in P.I. have no choice but to wait for this to be released here.. But now that is released here and some of my friends already bought a copy. I should have mine too.. But I am really having a second thought about this.. Why?.. Way back in 2006 when I was still researching on where to get FM's 1st 3 albums, I accidentally discovered his personal webpage on multiply.com. Then me as a fan created an account on that site to get in touch with him and try to buy copies of his albums.. I sent a personal message to him and he replied that he don’t have copies of his albums for sale and he sent me the link on his blog where all his album covers was uploaded, And as I read the comments. There is one that really caught my attention and it is a comment from Francis M. himself… A comment that really stucked on my mind since I read it. That is why when they re-issue his albums. I immediately searched his blog if it still exists and prove that my memory serves me right so I can share it here on SoulSonic.

Click on the Image to read it
I am not trying to discourage the fans to buy this album actually i am really thinking to get one. I just want the readers to know how Record Labels run their business that even The King of Phil. Rap was ripped off on the rights of his own songs.
I don't know if Francis M. managed to buy the rights to his songs before he died. If not I just hope that the record labels should at least give some of the profit from FM's albums to his family or to charities like Phil. National Red Cross. But who am i to speak.. Business is Business right? And them record labels are running real business.

Event This Week

"RAP MANIA 2009" a rap contest open for group or solo artist.. This coming Friday, april 3, 2009 @ Fairview center mall.. To register visit Pinoy Republic stores at Fairview center mall and Zabarte town center or contact 09294763564..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Community Live

The Community is a yearly hip-hop event organized by Nathan J's On Tha Ground Ent. and Turbulence Prod. it is held every Wednesday for 4-8 weeks on the month of April-May.. This serves as a summer get together of local hip-hop artist from different camps. Artist from Old to the New skool shared the same stage to showcase their talents which makes this yearly event highly anticipated.. But for it's 4th year the Community will not gonna push thru (due to B-Roc's absence ?) instead B-Roc released "The Communty Live" album for FREE DOWNLOAD on www.soulfiesta.blogspot.com.

B-Roc's Statement/Blog
We want y'all to miss us for minute, organizing an event like this for the past 3 years has definitely been one of our greatest achievements as a scene. Thank you to you, and to the people who came and supported each one of them the past 3 years. (see full)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Events This Week

"RAP MANIA 2009" a rap contest open for group or solo artist.. This coming Friday, March 27 2009 @ Fairview center mall.. To register visit Pinoy Republic stores at Fairview center mall and Zabarte town center or contact 09294763564..

D-coy and Beatmathics Live@ Music Museum on March 28, 2009 featuring performances by: D-Coy, BeatMathics and Wika Records New Artist.. and hosted by Dj Rye.. Tickets available @ National Bookstore and Ticketnet Outlets Nationwide..

Monday, March 16, 2009

Events This Week

Ka Freddie's music lounge and restaurant (Adriatico st. Corner Pedro Gil Malate) March 17 - W/ Performances By: Jonan Aguilar, Mike swift, Sinag, Young JV, Knowa, ANAK the band, Pikaso, Krazyklye, Rapskallion and A lot More.. Plus DJ CRISMYX

Corporate Lo-Fi Album Launch @ Mag:Net The Fort on March 20, 2009 Fri- 9 PM featuring performances by: Pamilia D., Peoples Future, Sino Sikat and Yasha

Juan Republic presents: Hip-Hop n R&B Party @ Chi-Booze Madison Square Pioneer Mandaluyong on March 20 Ladies Night & March 21 Call Center Night plus performances by Juan Republic Artist

Grad With The TRUE School. DiCE & k9/MOBBSTARR, Jay Flava, Xplizit and aero. @ The Tropics (Mandalagan Caltex) (Bacolod City) March 21st, 10 PM

Krazykyle and Mayor Benhur Abalos present: Mandalu–YOUNG! Kabataan Kontra Droga. An Anti drug rap contest on March 22nd Sunday @ the Mandaluyong City Gym (Boni Circle ) 1st place - 25,000 plus trophy, 2nd place – 20,000 plus trophy, 3rd place - 10,000 plus trophy And all winners will be part of Krazykyle’s Mandalu YOUNG mixtape which will be signed under a MAJOR label. Special guest performances by: Krazykyle and Rapskallion, Pikaso, Jhego of Legit Misfits, Repablican, and many more. Gates open at 7pm.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dongalo Rap Awards 2

Dongalo Rap Awards 2 (1 of 2)


Best Gospel Rap - Gozaimas Rhyme
Best Dance Rap - Pilipinas Thugs
Best Conscience Rap - Sayadd, X3 Throwsign & Dizzato Crew
Best Hardcore Rap - Marquiz & Thug Team
Best Comedy Rap - Dello & Lil John
Best Represent Rap - Tentadoz Yujuicoz & Bulacan's Finest
Best LoveSong Rap - Prisoner's Ink, Manifesto Thrillaz, A.K. Fella & Pinoytality
Rap Group Of The Year - Taong Gago & X3 Throwsign (2nd Award)
Rapper Of The Year - C' Katorse & Marquiz (2nd Award)
Dongalo Special Awardee : Nasty Mac
Freestyle Event :
Title Wise : Crazzy G (Pampanga)
Money Wise : Mick Z (Bulacan) 6,000 + Trip to Boracay & Crazzy G (Pampanga) 6,000 + Trip to Boracay

Dongalo Rap Awards 2 (2 of 2)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Classic Video: Francis M. Live with Gary V. in a Jampacked Concert

Francis M & Gary V.

Mga Kababayan (Live @ Ultra) -Francis M.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Events This Week:

Mobsta Movement Album Launch. March 10, 2009 @ Klassik Bar. 100 pesos entrance fee.

Mussiko Mania on March 14 @ 19 East featuring performances by: NimbusNine, Hottnix, PhD, Sinag/Godswill, People’s Future, Mike Swift & Corporate LoFi

AMPON presents: 'THE SPOKEN HERB' on March 14. 2009 Saturday 5 PM Onwards @ Leonas Art Cafe. White Plains Ave. Katipunan
The event: An exploration of words, deep space rhythms, organicisms and painted matter. Poetry, Hip-Hop, Live Instrumentation, Graffiti, Open Mic
Performers: Marlowe Uy, Pasta Groove, Lourd de Veyra, Aric Yuson, Caliph8, Eleazar de los Reyes, Gabby Baluyot, Dominic Nuesa, Talksic ways, Martin Lazaro, Ryan Andres, Jolo, Paolo Callangan, Mic Sanchez, Mike Nakayama, UA&P Humanities, Tengal

Rapratan @ Klassik Bar (Sgt. Esguerra Q.C.) (March Session) March 14, 2009

Video tribute: Francis M. (recording the Light )

Francis M in the studio recording "The light" for Dj Arbie Won's United Freestyles v2. shot in 2003..Rest in Peace brotha!! Lokal Hiphop died when u left this world.. By the way if you have Francis M videos just send us your link here.

source: www.arbiewon.blogspot.com

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Konektado DVD

The 1st DVD magazine in P.I. is now out.. "Konektado DVD magazine by Mike Swift" You can grab a copy @ Capital G (3rd Floor Promenade Building (In Movement Dance Studio) Corner of Wilson St. & P. Guevarra - Greenhills, San Juan Metro Manila 1500)

Friday, March 6, 2009

R.I.P.: Francis Magalona

Francis Magalona
October 4, 1964 - March 6, 2009

Francis Magalona passed away today at around 12 noon after battling Leukemia for almost 7 months (details).. The whole hip-hop community is now mourning for the death of an icon. Condolence to his family and loved ones - SoulSonic

Francis M. Comeback/Last Performance on TV

The body of Francis Magalona will be brought to the Christ the King Memorial Chapel in Green Meadows, Quezon City.
A utility staff said Friday Quezon City Vice Mayor Herbert Bautista arranged the interment. Magalona's family has yet to arrive at the chapel.
The body of Magalona has been taken out of the Medical City late Friday afternoon, hospital authorities said. - Jam Sisante, GMANews.TV

Eat Bulaga Announcement

Thursday, March 5, 2009

ChriZo: "The Light remix" feat. Francis M. and Loonie

This is dedicated to the Master Rapper Francis M. We hope you finish that album and get well soon. The original version is from Dj Arbie Won's United Freestyle v2.0. This particular remix is brought to you by producer of the moment, Chrizo,who keeps on turning out hot beats recently. He did another remix of this track on the 1st SoundClash Opm mixtape also available here at SoulSonic.

Mobbstarr: "Rendezvous" MTV

Here's the latest video from MobbStarr from their 4th album. Featuring Jojo Alejar with some slick dance moves. All u Hi-C fans we know your gonna drool to this!!

Playgirls "Check 1" MTV

New video from another girl group r&b, The Playgirls. Basically a ripoff of Kitty Girls, which in turn a ripoff of Pussycat Dolls. But this song is more like of a Shakira ripoff. Yeah its a ripoff day here at the office. Rip rip rip! The video is corny as fuck but just watch it for the eye candy babes. And there's a cameo from guess who..ceck it out.

Same Team- Who knows

Free download of their latest joint and check out their blog.cool kids and cool music.


u can download their track here:


Dongalo Rap Awards 2

Entrance will be 100 pesos only. Freestyle contest pot entry 300 pesos. No Fee - No Game Freestyle Contest. Winner takes all pot money. (90%) Challenger Gets 10% of pot money.
Dongalo Clothing T-Shirts for sale --- only 550 pesos. 4 New Designs will be introduced and available.
Nominees Free of Entrance Charge. Only finalists will be admitted free. Guest list will be posted at the gate. Gate Opens : 4pm Show Starts : 5pm
CONFIRMED PERFOMANCES BY : Salbakuta, Kruzzada, E.H.P., FuzBuzLow, Phat Nasty Crew, Donman, Hustler, Romy Diaz Krew, Thug Rhyme, KortaPluma, Kape, Gauge20, Rabis Agenda, Sawak, , Iznabero, Hi-Jakkk, Prime Suspect, Don G., Khen Magat, Mighty A., Jaw-Tee (Highlight Performance), DongaloWreckords.com