Friday, August 29, 2008

Old Skool Fridayz: "Reality Hurtz"- Pamilia Dimagiba

Yes we know some of you are very excited with the Eraserheads reunion concert on Aug.30.. even though they're not hiphop, most of us grew up with their music during the 90's..that's why our OSF today is related to them..this one is way back 1997, with the 1st ever rap group sampling the Eraserheads, Pamilia Dimagiba.. For their song "Reality Hurtz", from the "Broke & Unsigned" e.p., they sampled the acoustic track" Fill her" from the Cutterpillow album of the Eraserheads. Here it is,very rare and hard to find, with added bonus..the original track from the E-heads.. Dangload na!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dj Arbie 1 express mixx

Another freebie quick mix from the man himself.This one also aired last week over at RX93.1 HIp26. Mostly new stuff this time with joints from Common,MIA,Jazzy Jeff,the new Jay-Z etc..but the one im feeling the most is that Marco Polo remix..A favorite here at the Soulsonic HQ!
Dangload it here!!

Classic Video: "Bring That Booty" - Mastaplann

We've been thinking on what to post or what to give you guys this week after a long weekend we had on Ponga's Crib.. and i think there is no better thing than a classic video from MastaPlann.. Since we saw the MEGA TEAM (DJ Sonny, DJ MOD & DJ Ouch) together ?! on the recently held 2008 DMC Finals @ Hard Rock Cafe, Makati.. Mega Team was the group of Djs that is responsible for MastaPlann classic tracks... So here it is "Bring That Booty" official video and a bonus track download of the same title.. Dangload na !!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Events This Week

Aug.26, Tuesday.
Aug.27, Wed.
DEATH THREAT LIVE!!! @ Padi's Point- Remedios,Malate 10 PM

Aug.30, Saturday
1st Independent & Underground Hip-Hop Ball
The Rap Show
The Rap Show ft .crazy family & 187 Mobstaz Presenting Slim & Siobal d album launching & anniversary of republikan w/ rap & freestyle battle winner takes all @ Bleubell Bar & Resto (Tomas Morato cor E. Rodriguez) beside shell gasoline station this Saturday @ 8 PM

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jhego Interview

Another SoulSonic Exclusive.. Jhego of Legit Misfitz talks about Dash, Legit Misfitz, the lokal scene, his upcoming album and more... Check out it out !!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Dj Arbie 1 quickmix part 2

Here's the 2nd part of Dj Arbie 1's mix, a lil bit of 90's vibe that was heard last saturday over at 93 flava hosted by Rico Robles. Arbie 1 will be mixing all saturdays of august so dont forget to tune in. You can download his nonstop mix here!

DJ ARBIE 1 LIVE AT 93 FLAVA RX93.1 AUG. 16, 2008
1.Outkast-Playas ball
2.The Pharcyde- Runnin
3.Mastaplann- Is it tyme?
4.Tha Youngstas- Mad props
5.Snoop Doggy Dogg- What's my name
6. Milkbone-Where's the party at?
7.Tupac- i get around
8.Grand Puba- I like it
9.Run DMC- Down with the king
10.Beastie Boys/Q-Tip- Get it together remix
11.Candyman- Knockin boots
12.PM Dawn- Set adrift
13.Paperboy- Ditty (rmx)
14.Kylie/Mims- All i see
15.Nas- made u look (blend)
16.Jon B.-Dont talk rmx

Events This Week

Aug. 18, 2008- Monday

Absinth- Greenbelt, Makati.. performances from: DJ Rye, Pamilia Dimagiba and more...

Aug 20, 2008 - Wednesday

(Dongalo Session & Live Freestyle Battle )
Rafter's Bar, Balibago Complex, Sta. Rosa, Laguna -8PM with Special guests: Kruzzada, Don G., PNC, Khen Magat, Mighty A. of DSquad, Gauge20, Prime Suspect, Hustler, Innocentez Jawtee, DSS, Pharack, Kid Alamat, Iznabero, Gauge 20, A Town Connection, Innocentez, Downerz, Prime Suspect, Thug Rhyme, 50 Killaz, Hi-Jakkk, Lady Kim and Salbakuta.

2008 DMC Finals
Hard Rock Cafe Makati- 8 PM featuring performances from Pikaso, Pamilia Dimagiba and more...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Video Teaser: 2008 DMC Championship Philippine Finals

The 2008 DMC finals is gonna be held at Hard Rock Cafe Makati on August 20, 2008.. Witness the country's top DJ's as they battle for this year's crown.. plus live performances from Pikaso, Pamilia Dimagiba and other Hiphop acts.Peep the teaser video exclusively here at Soulsonic TV!

Francis M. stricken with leukemia

This week we were all shocked by the news that the Master Rapper Francis M. has been diagnosed with leukemia.. at first we are having a second thought or i can say that were on denial stage.. until an official statement was released on the noontime show Eat Bulaga where Francis M. is hosting everyday..

Francis M. statement on Eat Bulaga

Sad but true.. Francis M. has been diagnosed with leukemia and now being treated.. Blood donations are being accepted at the Medical City - Ortigas.. Our prayers for him is also needed this time.. We at SoulSonic are praying and hoping for his immediate recovery.. In the meantime we gonna give Francis Magalona fans a classic track for our Old Skool Fridays.. Yeah we know that we already featured "Gotta Letcha Know (Extended version)", "Tayo'y Mga Pinoy", "Ito Ang Gusto Ko" and the Urban Patriot Mix by Beatmeister. But this time we bring you the classic track that has been revived by Arnee Hidalgo ft. JOLO and remade & remixed by a bunch of heads on the internet and it is no other than "Cold Summer Nights"... a common track as it seems to most of us.. but this is from Ponga's 45 Vinyl (single) and it includes an Instrumental version. So what are you waiting for.. start downloading another SoulSonic Exclusive !!!
Cold Summer Nights
Cold Summer Nights Instrumental

EB Dabarkads Message (Chikka Minute)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New joint! Jay-Z "Jockin Jay-Z"

This is the jumpoff track for Jay-Z's anticipated new album, The Blueprint 3.. With production by Kanye West. Dangload nyo na b4 its gone!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Classic Video!! Mastaplann "Here we R"

Havent seen this for a long-ass time!! One of the earliest Pinoy Hiphop videos circa 92-93'? Classic! (Check out Dj Ouch busting moves!)

Hiphop on the radio: A quick mix from Dj Arbie 1 and Rx93.1 Hip26

This was aired last Saturday for the show of Rico Robles at RX 93.1. It's a quickmix from Dj Arbie 1 feat. tracks from E-40,MosDef,Kanye and some clubstuff. He's gonna be mixing all Saturdays the month of August for Rico Robles' slot at Hip26 every Saturdays 11pm.

Back Again!! Sonic Kicks! Mid -year report

Finally we back in this biatch agen! Sorry for lack of updates 2 weeks din down ang net namin dahil sa L*^chen Globelines na yan. Anyways we have a lot updates coming up from the lokal hiphop scene, which in the past few months ay nakaka-excite dahil kabilaan ang Hiphop gigs.Sa albums naman, mukang tahimik ang karamihan dahil mukang gumagawa sila ng mga bago nilang albums.Speaking of new albums, we recently talked to Jhego of Legit Misfitz and he confirmed na malapit na ang bago nyang album. Watch out soon for a quick chat with him here at Soulsonic. Labas na rin ang bagong album ng Rapskallion Familia, yall can buy it at Odyssey record bars. We also visited the set of Pamilia D's new video for their song "Throne of Blood",abangan nyo ang exclusive dito dahil very interesting ang video nila. Lalabas na din ang bagong album ng Corporate Lo-fi, which is the new Rap-band of former SVC rapper Jus-Rye.Also watch out for Chinese Mafia's long awaited album, Lowkey's solo album and a new mixedtape from PD's Shadowblyde.. Sa radio naman, we still have H-Town's show at 103.5 Maxx FM, every Saturday 6-9pm. And of course, one of the longest Hiphop shows in the land, every Saturday at RX 93.1 with Rico Robles from 10pm onwards.

Sa Dj's naman malapit na ang DMC finals to be held at Hard Rock Cafe Makati on Aug. 20 ,2008. This will be hosted by Pikaso at syempre madami ding Hiphop guests. We were at the eliminations last week at the White Avenue Bar(Morato)and although bitin ang show, ok din naman dahil nag perform ang People's Future and Pikaso. Ok din ang after party dahil madaming babes na sumayaw sa tugtug nina Dj Kimozave, Kutmaster Kumar (Malaysia DMC champ) and Apokalipsis on the mic.

All in all it looks like there's more to come this year for the Lokal hiphop scene, kaya sa mga haters dyan, minsan naman lumabas kayo at sumuporta sa mga gigs (at indi puro internet)at bumili ng mga bagong loak Hiphop albums, dahil kung walang fans, walang artists so let's all do our part. And one more, malapit na ang one-year anniversary ng Soulsonic so please support! We're gonna have a get-together soon at di lang yan, may surpresa din kame sa inyo mga negga!! Til next, peace and enjoy the music!!