Friday, October 5, 2007

Old Skool Fridays: "Yan Ang Bata" - Rapiboys

If you guys can see..We dont have that much Post/Stuff for all of you this is caused by our Work Schedule & Laziness... but still we should not fail on putting up a 0ld Skool Friday. And Our Artist for the week is now known as "Pariente" who released an Album in 2002 under Harmony Music..Which also released an Album on Dongalo Wreckords in 1999 under the Group Name "Dugong Pasay".. But before those albums & name change. They were known as "Rapiboys" still composed of Lamberto Brothers plus a kid named Rusell Abrigande (Who is he?) their album was released in 1991 entitled "Yan Ang Bata" under Viva Records. And who said that P.diddy Invented Remix.. "Rapiboys" Yan Ang Bata was released in Remix Special Edition.. it contains 4 Tracks.. Yan Ang Bata & Okay Lang Walang Bawas.. Original & Remix Version..Nuff Said.. So Here's the Title Track from Rapiboys Album..