Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Anthill Mobb (By Request)

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Since it's gonna be another long vacation we might as well give you some goodies to get you over the weekend..This is the first Hiphop group that released an album under Cebu City's 6000 Goonz Label... Before Dice & K-9 became popular here and abroad... Their group was called Anthill Mobb which is composed of K-9, Pain & Dice...They've been makin' & sellin their music independently in Cebu... The trio released there first album in 1996 entitled "Modus Operandi" and followed it up in 2000 with their Album "All Art is A Game with & Fight Against Chaos" and it is also the year that the group and 6000 Goonz roster was featured in "Vibestation's Urban MYX"... where everyone became aware of the growing Hiphop scene in Cebu... In the said episode... their first music video "21st Century" from their second album was aired... But after the album "Pain", they went on hiatus... A couple of years they were reborn as Dice & K9, and they took over the airwaves with their Mega-Hit "Itsumo"... Then the rest is history...
"This Is The Video that was Played on Urban MYX"