Saturday, September 29, 2007

Denmark Live Performance !! "Gitnang Daliri" & "Luningning"

Check nyo ang live performance ni Denmark with D-Coy. Ang swerte ni Denmark may Bebot pa na kasayaw habang kinkanta nya ang classic nya na "Luningning".

New Joint !! Bagetsafonik- "Song for the Sunlight"

Here's a different sound for y'all. This track is called "SONG FOR THE SUNLIGHT" from indie favorite band BAGETSAFONIK, featuring Dj Arbie Won on turntables. It also features rapping by MarcusHiro, who is also a member of the band Corporate Lofi together with Jus-Rye (SVC). Check out Bagetsafonik's debut album "Travelogue" out now in all Odyssey stores.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Old Skool Fridays: "Check Da Hood" - 4 East Flava

Our Old Skool Fridays artist for the week is 4 East Flava. A Rap Group that also achieved commercial success in the early 90's with their smash Hit "Check Da Hood" from their 1994 debut album "Too Much Flava". In result they are (one of) the first local Hip-Hop artists to endorse a clothing product which is GIBI..The group was also featured on different newspaper articles...and at that time there were also rumors that there was a misunderstaning or beef going on between Mastaplann and them...They continued to perform up to 1996 then they went on hiatus. But in 1999 the group came back but.. now with a new line up.. with only 3 founding members remaining..they added up another MC.. and they released a compilation entitled Butta Flava v.1 which also features Gazzelle an R & B Singer and Layzie Fu as their Camp's New Artist... two more volumes of Butta Flava album were released which featured Young/New Rap Artist's & Butta Flava which consists of Honey Jug & Gazzelle.. An indication that 4 East Flava was already disbanded or went again on hiatus.. Who Knows ? Anyway here's their Hit Single " Check Da Hood"

Click On The Image for "Funniest Thing (Papa Um)" Track Download

Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Video: "Humanap Ka Ng Panget 2" - Andrew E.

Here's the New Music Video from Andrew E.'s Clean Album, "Humanap Ka Ng Panget pt. 2"

New Album: Francis M - Earth Wind Fire Water

Here is a new album of mine, which I literally assembled from the ground up using Garageband only. I mixed up a couple of samples, beats, riffs and this is what I came up with.With no track exceeding 85 bpm, (except for Tambulabog track 11) this is an album that is worthy to be played in spas, meditation circles and in your ipods, your rides and your lving rooms. When I made this I was trying to make soundtrack music for the Camera Club of the Philippines' exhibit "ELEMENTS" a visual take on Earth, Wind, Fire and Water, the way the members saw it, through their viewfinder.
The exhibit opened last August 16 at Ayala Museum, and is currently doing the SM malls, as of this writing, it is at SM Southmall this weekend, and will be at SM North's The Block after, then off to Mall of Asia by Oct. 4-10, and ends in Podium the week after.
You want to hear this new work of mine? It is a mix of World, Tribal, Ethnic, Asian, Percussive, Latin, Trip-hop, Middle Eastern, and Afro music. This is what I heard when I saw what I saw.
For your orders- text +639178485964 P250 ea. and it comes with my signature. Relax and enjoy this latest offering of mine.

Article taken from Francis M's Site

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Beware & Amazing Kid @ No Album Got Skillz Tv

Putc*a wala bang balita sa Lokal Hip-Hop Scene? Pansin nyo medyo tahimik dito sa SoulSonic Tv sobra busy kasi sa mga Dayjob namin, pero wag kayo mag alala dami tayong updates at surpresa mga negga Coming Soon. Abangan nyo rin Mixed tapes na pwede nyo download dito. Once again sa mga gusto mag contribute send lang kayo ng message. O, eto muna nood muna kayo ng Video Drop, Beware & Amazing Kid sa No Album Got Skillz Tv.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Old Skool Fridays: "C- No Ba..?" - D.F.T.

Time Goes by so fast.. and yes it is another Old Skool Fridays for all the heads.. C No Ba ? not asking you guys a question..that is the Debut Album from D.F.T. or Dance Floor Terrorist..An early 90's group that is composed of Twisted Tounge, Boo-G & Yella Fella..Who released their debut album in 1995.. The album consists of 8 tracks and majority of the tracks can be similar to Andrew E. & 2 Live Crew's Style..but the notable tracks on the album are.."Girls Sa ParaƱaque" that (if im not mistaken) features Norman B of Bass Rhyme as the Human Beatbox...And another One is "Batang Lansangan" which is the only Serious Track on this Album, But since we want you to have some fun here's the title track of this album.. C No Ba ? Enjoy !!!

Just Click On The Image For Download

Hip-Hop Eye Candy " Hi-C"

MobbStarr's First Lady the voice behind the Megahit "ITSUMO" is on the September Issue of FHM Phil. This the second time that she was featured on that Magazine.. So if you missed her on the previous issue.. Here is your chance for Whoah !!! Peace !!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng kinabukasan.."

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Album !!

This album features Jada Ill, Daigo & Arthug..and if you are wondering who are they.. Here is a brief History.. Arthug & Jada-Ill was formerly known as Eternal Hustlas.. a group that is part of Hi-Jakkk's Apocalypse Armada. Their track was already played on Power 108's Bgy. Flip-Hop Program.. But since the Apocalypse Armada did not materialize. Arthug formed Mischievous Ent. in 2002 which concentrates on Crunk Music and released Independent Albums like..Underground Serial Killers, Mischievouz Stylez, On Tha Spot Mixtape v.1 & Jada-ill's Solo Album to name a few.. Arthug also produced tracks for Mista Blaze Halad Ko Album & The Track on Iced Out Compilation entitled "Weeded". He is also responsible for Some of the 187 Mobstaz Artist's production..and on Other Tuesday Troops projects. Now with a new production name.. which is Classic Ent. They Bring You Fresh Outta Trunk.."Got Krank ?" album..

For Orders & Info just Send an E-Mail to:

Monday, September 17, 2007


Eto pampalamig muna para sa mga haterz dyan/ Napansin ko kasi puro hate ang nasa shoutbox natin. Bagong grupo from CHi-town..Boogie na!!

Beware Interview !!!

Since '93, One group has been synonymous with everything dark, street, and gangsta with Pinoy Hip-Hop. It's group members have changed many times, adding more and more faces to the arsenal of lyrical thugz, but one thing has remained consistent throughout: their style, from the start, in essence; Pinoy rap with attitude. Sharing a similar back story to another group with "Attitude" from Compton, this rap group is credited for singlehandedly starting the 'Gangsta Rap' genre in the Philippines, and catapulting rap away from its Novelty/Wholesome phase, leading the way for groups such as Ghetto Doggs, Kruzzada & Gulpe de Gulat. It has launched the careers of both the self-proclaimed "King of da Undaground" Hi-Jakkk and the lyrical tongue-twister "Gloc-9". This group is none other than Death Threat.

Founded by Ron "Beware" Salanga and Gerald "Genezide" Acelajado, the group is infamous for being the only rap group to sell Multi-Platinum Albums with nearly no promotion & airplay. With only word of mouth and street credit, Death Threat's "Wanted," "Kings of da Undaground" & "Beware Tha Return" have all gone platinum. In essence, the group is "Undaground rap" personified. But where are they now? It's been five years since the group's latest offering, "Still Wanted" hit Record Bars, and the local rap industry hasn't seen any signs of them since (Besides Occasional guest appearances by Konflick, Phat L or aka Dyablo).

However, The man himself, O.G. Beware, is back in P.I., with a plan to take over once again... hate them or love them, you can't deny their influence and impact on local Hip_Hop, and we recently got the opportunity to sit down with Boss B to talk about the current state of the group, of the local Hiphop industry, and to put a few rumors to rest.

SOL: We're here with the main man himself, O.G. Beware of Death Threat for an indepth look at what makes this pioneer tick. First of all, I'd like to thank Boss B. for taking the time to answer a few questions. First thing's first, back in '93, what inspired you guys to get into rapping? Rap was booming back then, but Gangsta rap was nonexistent. How did you guys think of such a different concept?

BEWARE: Actually, when we started the idea, it was kinda challenging for us because I wasn't sure if Pinoys would accept our music. I knew that if I just thought of the right concept, it might work (That was in '91). It took me some time to think out the whole image of the group... our identity as a whole. I had the foresight of the concept and idea. To be like a Pinoy N.W.A. but with our style and to appeal to Filipino topics & issues (Like Fratsta & Bantay Zalakay). I was really hoping Filipinos would accept Pinoy Hiphop. That was in '92.

SOL: So now you're back after a long absence. What can we expect from Death Threat's new album? Will it be more of the old stuff, or...?

BEWARE: It's really different from my other albums. But what I can say is that I was privileged enough to work with a handful of great musicians. I recorded the album in its entirety (besides Kickin Lyrics 7) in Toronto, Canada. It was a challenging process, because I was also finishing College at the time. I also shot the first single's Music Video, "Palakpakan Everyone," in T.Dot. I was fortunate to work with fellows that have the same amount of respect for the music as I do. People from different parts of the world. Their passion was what inspired me to finish the project.

SOL: Why did you decide to call the album 'Revenge Of Da Undaground'? Will all of Death Threat be in it or will it be a solo effort like the classic "Beware: Tha Return '98"?

BEWARE: It's the comeback of Death Threat. In '97, I proclaimed that we are "The Kings Of The Undaground." This is our revenge, artistically, to take back the artform. That raw, underground sound. This is "The Revenge Of Da Undaground." The idea of it is for the album to come in two discs. Part 1 will be a solo album (mostly), with personal tracks that deal with true to life experiences that I had in Toronto Canada (from '03 to '06). But on Part 2, I will be with the DTG Boiz and some surprise guests... *laughs*

SOL: When can we expect this New Album to Drop?

BEWARE: Hopefully, Disc 1 will be out in most malls and outlets nationwide before the end of September...

SOL: Alright, well, it's no secret that Death Threat is one of the most controversial groups in all of the local Hip-Hop Community. How do you respond to all your critics and naysayers?

BEWARE: Isa lang ang masasabi ko sa mga critics namin... listen to track 15 on Revenge Of Da Undaground. "Wala Akong Pake." Nanjan ang sagot ko sa mga Cute na Critics ko. Hehe...ngayon ko lang talaga kayo binigyang pansin. Pasensya na ha?

SOL: Whatever happened to Genezide & O-Dogg? They were in every album up until "Kasalanan," then he just kinda vanished. Are they still part of the group? Will they be in the new album?

BEWARE: Si Genezide, born-again. Pastor na siya. So in essence, "Gusto kong Bumaet" is especially true to him. Si O-Dogg, nanjan pa din. Nagkikita pa rin kami. Abangan niyo sa susunod na Kickin Lyrics. Sa Disc 2 of "Revenge," it's Death Threat reunited. Halos lahat ng DTG maririnig nyo po ulit.

SOL: We all know that Gloc-9's first studio album(s) were with Death Threat. How do you feel about Gloc-9's current popularity? Is he still with the group?

BEWARE: I will always be proud of my Protege. He will always be my brother in Death Threat... whatever he becomes, I'll always be behind him. When we say "Death Threat for life" on that song, we mean it. Di Matitibag.

SOL: Okay, on that note. Time to get to the truth behind one of the most controversial Beefs in the local rap industry. What exactly happened to start the Beef with Hi-Jakkk ? Why was he let back in the group for "Still Wanted" even after "Walang Utang Na Loob?"

BEWARE: To this date he is no longer affiliated with Death Threat. He Backstabbed me. Not only me, but the whole group. It's a really long story, and you can hear bits and pieces of it on the street or wherever, but to cut the long story short, he is a traidor, a thief, a snake, and a backstabbin-ass bitch. Fuck Hi-Jakkkol.

SOL: Whatever happened to 2High & Half Ounce?

BEWARE: One of the members of 2High, Lil Kiko, is still in Sacramento (where we recorded "Beware Tha Return"). He'll be coming back home soon. Terra/Gobas is currently working in a stable company in P.I. He's on some cuts with Gloc. Half Ounce, I don't get to talk to anymore, but he's still mah boi.

The local Hip-Hop industry right now is kind of nonexistant. What do you think the future will bring for pinoy rap and what role do you think Death Threat will play?

BEWARE: The usual. Bringin' new material to the streets, for the streets.

SOL: Okay, something that's never been asked before. Who did you grow up listening to? Both locally or internationally. Who are Beware's influences?

BEWARE: Internationally... Westcoast! 2pac, Ice Cube, Undaground Ish and all... I really listen to all kinds... I'm open minded when it comes to music... as long as it's good, it's all good! Locally, mah homeboys Francis M., Andrew E. and Mastaplann... that's all.

SOL: Who are you favorites in the game right now? Both locally and internationally.

BEWARE: Can't say. They all sound the same these days.

SOL: Is it true that you really wrote all of "Beware: Tha Return" behind bars? How was that experience? Did you find it easier or harder?

BEWARE: I didn't write it behind bars. It was actually my inspiration not to get locked up again after all my past troubles. I was locked up for sometime, but I didn't write the album when I was inside.

SOL: I heard that 'Revenge Of Da Undaground' is supposedly going to be your last album. Is that true?

BEWARE: Maybe...

SOL: What do you think of the music industry in the Philippines as a whole? Lots of people seem to have given up hope. What's your message to all the pirates out there?

BEWARE: Y'all know my stand on that. Fuck Piracy! Fight Unauthorized Copies. You can see that label on all of my new albums. We make quality music, pirates steal the profit, then what do we have? Why would we wanna put out any new ish? Mga Taong Abuzado!

SOL: Let's talk about "There's No Hip-Hop in the Philippines." Your take?

BEWARE: You can look at this issue on a couple of different angles. On one point-of-view, there could be no Hip-Hop in the Philippines, but if you ask me, I think we definitely have a Hiphop culture here. The only problem is that it's NOT UNITED. Actually, it's divided, which is the sad part. But what the hell, basta kami, united. Lahat ng DTG, buong Pilipinas na nakikinig sa musika ng DTG, at sa lahat ng thugz, hustlas and gangstaz, sold parin kami! Salamatz po sa inyong lahat.

SOL: Apokalipsis is hot right now. How did you discover them and when can we expect their second album to hit stores?

BEWARE: Well... they've been ma boiz for awhile, of course they're hot. *laughs* Not sure when the album's gonna drop, but fo' sure you'll be hearing more from the mreal soon.

SOL: What's your favourite track from 'Revenge Of Da Undaground?'

BEWARE: "Aztig!"

SOL: What's your favourite Death Threat track out of all the albums you guys put out? Which one did you enjoy doing so much?

BEWARE: Definitely "Gusto Kong Bumaet," because from the time I wrote it back in '92 to this day when I rap it in concerts, it still relates to my fellow listeners. One love.

Lastly, got any previews of the rest of 2007 or even 2008? What products have you guys got under your sleeves? Any hot albums about to drop?

BEWARE: Watch out for our new ish coming out soon. Merchandize and all that po. All DT's latest ish will be found on Thank You sa lahat, at respect sa SoulSonic... peace.

SOL: Once again, thank you for your time. Death Threat in the house! It's been a pleasure to interview one of the cornerstones and pioneers of local Hip-Hop.

Interview Done By: SOL

Friday, September 14, 2007

VS:"Mad Flava vs Madd Poets"

MAD FLAVA is a 4-man crew from Dallas, which entered the scene around 1994 with their album " From tha ground unda.." Although they didnt make any major buzz around that time, there'a couple of singles there that's worth a listen. Comparison to early House of Pain and Cypress Hill is evident, but their repetitive topic actually compliments the boom bap production heard here. In my book, i consider it as a 4gotten classic. Here's one of the singles, "Gotz to flow to this.." A Nice jam driven by that ever popular Lou Donaldson drum break very much used to death during this era...

MADD POETS is another 4man crew, this time from Metro Manila. One of the original groups that spawned from the Dongalo camp way back in the glory days of mid-90's Pinoy Hiphop. Although they're still making music til' now, they only released one album so far, the now rare and hard to find "Ikatlong Mundo" released in 1997. Here's their single from that album entitled, "Manyakol"..A drive-by show favorite back in the days...-Dj Rise (thanx to Dj Arbie for added info)

Listen or just Click On The Image For Track Downloads

Old Skool Fridays: "Alyas Ninong" - Michael V.

Our Old Skool Fridays Artist of the week is the famous comedian now also known as BITOY. But before he became a household name. Michael V. was Andrew E.'s Rival because of the "Maganda Ang Piliin" Track & Album.. a contradict to Andrew E.'s Megahit "Humanap ka ng Panget"..After that he Released Two more Rap Albums.. Which is Joke Time also in 1991 & Gusto Kong Sumigaw in 1993. He Also appeared on Various Movie Soundtracks before he switched or released Novelty Albums..Now Enjoy Bitoy's Hip-Hop/Rap Days..Here's a track from Joke Time album which was also used on a Movie entitled Valentin Zapanta: Alyas Ninong...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wu-Tang Exclusive !! " Watch Your Mouth"

Here's teaser single for the much awaited "8 Diagrams" LP. Damn the GZA killed it with his verse. No clue about the production but most likely it's the RZA. Another WU-Banger !!!

Click On The Image for Track Download

Monday, September 10, 2007

New Releases !!!

Out Now In Stores..Go Check Them Out!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Old Skool Fridays/ Whatever Happened To ?: John Rendez aka "METAL DOG"

Some of us have seen or heard the name John Robert Porter / John Rendez on Movies or in Showbiz especially when the Superstar Nora Aunor is the topic but not all of us knew that he was a rapper. He Co-written one of Francis M.'s Classics which is "Man From Manila". John Rendez released an album in the early 90's entitled "Metal Dog" under Viva Records. The Album consists of 9 tracks and his style is similar to Everlast of House of Pain. 2 tracks are Ballad which i think leads to his 2nd Album which is a Acoustic/Ballad Album and he used "John Robert Porter Jr." on that album. Now this post was supposed to be just Old Skool Fridays, But since he went on hiatus and we don't even know where he is. I think this post should be also on "Whatever Happened To ?" But here it is, very rare and out of print, check out Metal Dog

Special Thanks to ARTHUG for this material

Listen to the the Title Track of this Album

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

B-Roc Interview !!!

Turbulence Productions has risen to the center stage in the local Hip-Hop scene and is one of the biggest forces right now. Everything they touch is golden. We've seen what B-Roc and the Gang's done with Mixtapes like "B-Sides" and "Philippine Phenom," and the positivity that's been brought about by "The Community" events. But what's going on behind the scenes and in the mind of the man himself is a mystery. So here we are, with a quick one-two with Boss Bong himself on the lowdown on Turbulence, "To The Billboard" and his input on the local Hip-Hop Music Community as a whole.

SOL: We're here with B-Roc of Turbulence for a quick Q-n-A. First of all, I'd like to thank Bong for taking the time to answer a few questions. How did you guys think up the name "Turbulence"?

B-Roc: Whats good man? Thanks for giving me the time and for being open to this. Well,it used to be a abbreviation for something, and yeah some people might still know it. It was supposed to be SouthBreeze Productions, that was one I was really considering. But yeah, I figured not be territorial with it cause it only limits the scope of the music and branding something like that filters the audience. We came up with Turbulence cause really, we came in at a time where the trend was to get signed and wait to get put on. We caused Mad Turbulence by being one of the most stable independent labels around.That sort of tipped the scale for everyone to move to that direction.

SOL: Bring up the local Hip-Hop community today and you can't get one sentence in without hearing the name Turbulence brought up. How do you think Turbulence stacks up against some of the other labels out there? Who are your favorites in terms of sound and lyricists?

B-Roc: Good question, my whole frame of mind ever since I started was to be a fan of the music. And I think thats why people mention us so much, its cause we are genuine fans of this Hip-Hop shit. We collect ourselves and humble ourselves by going to shows, events of things we know we are a fan of and its our reality check all the time. Plus we try to raise the standard on what you thought "Filipino Hip-Hop" is limited too. We really put the bench mark up so high and we continue to do that even against our old accomplishments. We love the Philippines so much, that we take pride and we are very careful in what we plant as a seed.
Sound wise? Audible, Los Indios Bravos, Miscellaneous are top billing that department as of the moment. They are able to standout and blend in at same time. Protege is one dude that in any day when he's not too busy with other stuffs and concentrates on his beats will give me a run for my money. Of course, I'm a fan of that Boom Bap sound, besides Chrizo and Traumatik, I'd have to give it to Lowkey, DJ Arbie, DJ Umph and Juss Rye.
Lyricism? Outside my camp? Aceone, Ali of BBClan, Klutch B, Basilio of Crazy As Pinoys, Loonie, Xplicit, Mike Swift, Labo, RonThug, ILL-J, Peoples Future, Klumcee, Audible, Delphi of Misc., PKSO and yeah AERO!! Best believe it he is one of the hottest lyricist outside my camp. Let me tell you about some talents that I think the scene is missing out on. And as part of being a fan I am here to give to light to maybe, some of the best you will never get to hear. I was priviledged enough to see them at work and whats sad is they weren't in their prime. Shout outs too Arkane, Limbs, Haven, Wordwrath, ProofPositive and Jeff Demarco. This were the people who molded me and my way of thinking growing up in the scene.

SOL: I've heard a few B-Roc verses, but not since Lowkey have we seen local production been pushed to such quality. I think you've inspired a lot of cats to step up their production values on their records. Who are your influences as far as production goes? Both Local & Foreign.

B-Roc: Foreign -Just Blaze, Kanye West, Diamond D, The Neptunes, Dr. Dre, DJ Premier, Teddy Riley, Akon, AMP Live, Easki, DJ Clark Kent, Les, Eminem and Large Professor. Locally, I'm a fan of everybody but let me tell you Quaizy and Lowkey got me started with this whole production thing. They helped me develop and re-develop, might not be hands-on but I attribute all the I've become by hanging around them through tough times. Chrizo, Traumatik, Chano and Black are my current influences, even being in a label we exhibit a friendly competition and they have been knocking beats hard as of late. DJ Umph, Tibbz, Rondalla Camino, Juss Rye, DJ Arbie Won, Protege and Jedli have been making me play tracks more than twice.

SOL: Got any tips for wannabe producers who wanna get into the game?

B-Roc: Hmmm, invest in yourselves. Whether its a piece of equipment, or a piece of toy for your studio, do it. Find that sound that you want and create a mess with it, only then can you really piece a whole beat together. The difference between Beatmakers and Producers is producers see the song through, we sit in there and navigate the song till it gets done. Envision your beats as songs and construct them like so. Respect the power of the beat, the beat should be striking as a audible story even before the lyrics come in. And yeah, don't believe the hype, buy the MPC if you have the funds and time to study on it. If not don't limit yourself to equipments and softwares. You are only as good as you say you are. It's not what you use, but how you use it.

SOL: Would you guys ever think of breaking into the International Hip-Hop Market?

B-Roc: I would say we already have. We've performed alongside Jin The MC, Loon of Bad Boy Records and shared headlines with them in Taiwan. We have Forensic Science, Mike Swift, Hasan Salaam (The Source Nov. 2006) on tracks with Marquiss. We had Sevenes come to the country to come and check out the scene and performed at The Community show. So as much as these cats are international to us, we are international to them in the very essence of what international is. Every artist has that goal and its a matter of how open to you wanna break into that market, and yes hell yeah we wanna break the international barrier wide open. I do believe we can, we all can.

SOL: I know Mike Swift has been in New York doing something called the "To The Billboard" campaign. Tell us about that.

B-Roc: "To The Billboard" is a song for movie Mike Swift will star on with Slick n Sly Kane, Mista Blaze and Sunny Blaze. He went to my house to lace up a song and he shared the idea he had rolling the night before. I played him a beat that I thought was how but was passed on by most of my artists. We knocked the song right there and conceptualized on the movie and built it right there. And now its a multi-faceted product, and you'd be blind to not see its worth to the market, and to you as a Filipino Hip-Hop fan. It's what we need right now, a project full of creativity, passion and so against the grain. It's a tail of hope, the movie I mean, but really its what we all need as hiphop artists to break into that bigger scene. It's to be multi-dimensional and that what Mike exudes each and every time. "To The Billboard" has been a song campaign now all over the world with almost 30 songs done for that movement alone. "To The Billboard Philippines MIXTAPE" is spearheaded by me and Dash. A billboard is a symbol of your dream or at list in Manila. Some people base success on getting a billboard. Some people want a record deal, we wanted that billboard. Everybody passes by EDSA, imagine if you have a billboard there. Even your enemies or critics would be passing there everyday looking up to you. And it being a movement, imagine how we felt when almost a year ago, Sept 28 Milenyo brought some of em to their knees, but now what? Mike is really pushing hard for this symbol to reach the heads of other people.

So when's "Legendary" gonna come out anyway? Any news on that?

B-Roc: Legendary will be out real soon. It's gonna be pretty hard to top. Timing is everything for Mike Swift and I respect that Zen. Half of everything thats great and real is timing.

SOL: Now, "The Community" events has been an integral part in uniting the local Hip-Hop scene. Before last year's Community, I never thought artists from different camps could ever collaborate with each other. That's how badly segregated Hip-Hop was in the Philippines. Now we got like...artists like Blacksheep from Dongalo collaborating with Hotnixx from your camp. It's amazing. How did you guys come up with the concept/idea?

B-Roc: "The Community" is a team effort. Nathan J (On The Ground Music) and my company brainstormed on that event and I guess its what everybody was waiting for. We were lucky to be supported by everyone, cause anyone could do it. But I don't think anyone could've done it within the scope on how we did it. We came up with the idea before we flew for Taiwan, and after that experience outside, it brought us closer to giving back to the people and making them work together. I think the raffle we put up was integral to the scene. D-Coy got Mic from AMPON's beat in the raffle and let me tell you, they have never met and yet the song they came up with "Wika" is Dcoy's claim to reviving his love for writing. Syke walked up to me asking "Magaling ba tong si Kevin?" and guess what "Ang Lungsod" was a hit and they have made at least 3 songs together. The Community even brought out Ritchie Paul of the now defunct Iced Out Records, sad to say he disrespected the opportunity but at least everybody knows now how to deliver.

SOL: What about The Community CD/DVD? Release date? Give us a thread of hope!

B-Roc: I am pushing with every muscle for that to see the light of day. Toti Dalmacion of Terno Recordings wanted to release it, but its taking too long. Some labels are keen to listen but nothing substantial has been put down. Empire wanted to help with it, but we're still looking to have it distributed with other options. Anybody who wants to executively produce The Community 1 CD? Holla at me, we don't want much as far as sales, we just want to put it out. The DVD would have to wait for DVD's 1 & 2 all in one package. Please keep the hope, we really wanna put it out soon.

SOL: Who are your favorites in the game right now? Both locally and internationally.

B-Roc: Interntionally - Common, Big L, Termanology, Jay-z, 50 Cent's I Get Money joint is my song right now, Talib Kweli and some more cats. Locally - Nimbusnine, God's Will, Marquiss, PHD, Aero, Hotnixx, Quest, PKSO, Stick Figgas, Ronthug, Sinag, Peoples Future, Artstrong, Dcoy's new album is going to be crazy and for someone who did Mike Swift's Legendary, I think its fire!

SOL: Why did you guys decide to go Independent? It seems to be the trend in the music industry these days, not just locally, but internationally, many bigwigs are saying that Independent is the best way to go. What can you say about that? Any advice to newcomers to the game? Are signing to big time labels really played out?

B-Roc: Of course not, but if you are going to sign up with them, with no form of stability they will eat your artistry off. You run the numbers game independently first and get it right. Then when you get enough numbers run with it with a major label. Then you have now access to their database and you're spending their money. It really depends what you want to acomplish in the game. The Philippines is a whole new playing field, all theories, all these foreigners think they can takeover in the Philippines usually flop cause they patronize the whole other game in the west. Here its really about planting seeds, I think some older cats got a bit stingy as far as lifting up the window in which we could get into labels. But when we started it wasn't so much of the in thing to do. Now with technology we see kids posing with their Mics and Midi Equipments and claim to be an independent label. Live up to what independent really means, which is to be cutting edge in terms of sound, quality, marketing schemes etc.

SOL: What do you think of the music industry in the Philippines as a whole? Lots of people seem to have given up hope. What's your message to all the pirates out there?

The pirates, I'm with you. I understand that we are living in a third world country and money is always an issue. I believe that I have enough talent and creativity to outlast them in any way. Our label is music based but we aren't Music/CD dependent. Our means to be creative isn't boxed up to CD's. Piracy is even free promotion from Luzon to Mindanao that even your label won't provide. So it really is about how you look at it. Plus, the process of getting paid should be started with the process of paying. Some artist complain about they are being robbed of their profits cause of piracy when in the first place they did not even pay for the beat they made a hit with. Do you get me?

Let's talk about "No Hip-Hop in the Philippines." Your take?

B-Roc: There is.

SOL: What local acts did B-Roc listen to growing up? Who were your hometown heroes so to speak?

B-Roc: Andrew E, Francis M, Mastaplann, Legit Misfitz, Rapskallion, Cyphasis, Death Threat, SVC, 7Shots, Madd Poets, Dongalo Wreckords, Kulay and whole lot more.

SOL: What do you think about A.P.L.? I hear he's setting to make a full-length tagalog album soon, and even thinking of reaching out to local rappers for guest spots. Bebot... good or bad?

B-Roc: Bebot- good for the Fil-Ams in the states, it really got them together and built a sense of belongingness within their very diverse racial environment. Bad cause for one, you went to the states when you were 14 meaning your foundation for tagalog was solid and the best you could come up with was "Bebot"? I got people in Tondo who are 14 and could out rhyme him. APL doing an album? Make all your claims legit. Want to guest a Filipino MC? Producer? You are very much welcome to hit me up and I will vouch for the best emcee for a good song topic. And what make a song about how Filipino I am? I already know that. Do you hear Americans proclaiming they're Americans in songs? Give me something fresh. Even my idea of a song for a Filipina "Bebot" wouldn't have phrases like "Chicken Adobo" "Pagkumakain nagkakamay"; but props to him. He brought the light up, now all we gotta do is play the politics as well and shine bright. Props to APL and his team, it still is a feat on its own.

SOL: Lastly, got any previews of the rest of 2007 or even 2008? What products have you guys got under your sleeves? Any hot albums about to drop?

B-Roc: Mike Swift, Nimbusnine, God's Will "Three Kings CD", Chrizo and Marquiss presents "G.R.A.E.", Hotnixx "Makapangyarihan", PHD "Destined for Greatness", Nimbusnine "Manila Boy", Turbulence Productions "Tippin'The Scale", The Community CD 1 & 2 and more. We work hard on our shit.

Once again, thank you for your time. Local Hip-Hop is definitely much better with Turbulence's presence. We building!

B-Roc: Thank you for bridging the gap. Definitely we are a growing team. Salamat !! Love is love !! and yeah check out some downloadables at Some unheard of songs are there. PEACE!!!

Interview done by: SOL
For More Infos Check Out:

Saturday, September 1, 2007



Things are heating up as the 2 heavyweights are set to drop their new albums on Sept.11. Sino kaya ang magwawagi? Well from what we heard so far it looks like Kanye has the upper hand. Mas ok kasi ang mga singles na nilabas niya so far. Nauna na nang na-leak ang graduation album ni Kanye but 50 followed right after. Kayo?? 50 or Kanye??!!

theme music: "Champion"- Kanye West


Balitang-balita na uuwi sa pinas ang grupong Mastaplann ngayong December. Sana naman matuloy na ang comeback tour nila dito sa pinas, lalo na kung kasama din nila yung mga bigating oldskool groups like Denmark, Legit Misfitz ,Andrew E at iba pa..Im sure maraming manonood nito dahil classic to kung mangyayari. Last time na umuwi ang Mastaplann ay 2 years ago pa, pero di sila nag-tour dahil di sila kumpleto.

theme music: "Im going back to the Philippines"- Menudo


Dj Jam Masta (who also won the 2003-2005 championships) is the new DMC Phil. champ. He reigned over 8 other contenders who was vying for the throne vacated by the 2006 champ, Dj Paul the supreme fist who did not defend his title. The event was held last Aug. 27 at the Hard Rock Cafe Makati with featured performances by Pikaso, 2tay and Mocha. Papadala na sa London si DJ Jam Masta sa September para sa world finals..Here's the results:
1st- Dj Jam Masta
2nd- Dj Red-I
3rd- Dj Trigga

theme music: "Pump up the jam" -Technotronic