Thursday, December 6, 2007

To The Billboard: episode 1 "The Introduction" by Mike Swift

When I need help, I always ask for it
My career is based on people trusting in me, and helping me. Ive never been shy to ask when i needed help, and not the type to not show gratitude to those who have helped me in the past. Just know that whatever I am going to express in this composition/letter is not meant to offend, or assassinate character.

prepare for the bombs of truth to explode in the scene,
while I am starting to hear new drama, from the new generation,
i cant help but visualize a hamster running in place inside a wheel.
drawing my own conclusion, from the stories that grazed my ear,
it is clear to myself that Ive been mostly right all along.

As my boy Xander Angeles made clear to me, that being in New York separates me from all the posers in the Philippines, similar to what is going on in his side of the industry (photography), that these people are not only fighting for chump change, but fooling themselves with what tactics they will use to win against what they think they are fighting for. As much as people have intentions to make changes happen, and break thru, the difference is I am here in the belly of the beast doing it, while others could only sit back and watch , and even criticize of the way i am representing the country..

So as I maneuver aggressively in NYC daily for a shot to make significant changes that are beyond corporate control, I feel better knowing how much of my history are being ignored by the ones who has the ability to understand and help.

I spoke to ArtStrong, I spoke to B Roc, I spoke to Dash, I spoke to Sunny, I spoke to Trap, I interact with many more like Gloc, and Tuesday troop, and other artists outside the genre of hip hop..

soaking up each ones perspective, listening to their worries, and cries.

I feel hope in their voices, I smell energy in their excitement. But the bottom line is, what change can we make happen, if there is no money in the business?

when the big chunk of the small pie from the hip hop world in the PI lands in the pockets of Andrew E. and Francis M.. only. And If the next big star under those two ( Gloc9 ) has to go to school for nursing for a brighter future for his kids, what does that say about the genre....WE are broke!!! there is no money in it!! We need to generate money, make money from outside the country.

the question is how can we help. Well I figured out my solution to how I can help, and fight it, live it daily to make sure that it happens.

From speaking to Artstrong a few hours ago, I come to realize how sensitive these new breed of leaders are. all caught up in competition, instead of uniting for the cause. I admit that i can carry a pretty annoying ego when i speak strongly of what i have done, what i have changed, who i have met, where i have performed, how i manage to get the write ups and deals on my own, how i got people to help me.... but the fact of the matter is, although i am boastful of these accomplishments, the difference with me and the others are, i am telling the truth with my actions..

So it disgusts me when I see people run away from helping me glorify of these accomplishments, and turn their back on the history i am making.

Because I understand the possibilities of why the leaders in my genre are downplaying what i am doing and capable of accomplishing, i have better assessment of what I need to do. The beautiful thing is I have facts in footages to prove the journey of my truth.

I have quams to settle with Sara, H town, and those who rest under their jurisdiction. The lack of support i get from them of recent bothers me. The lack of communication we have does not help, so i am going to make an attempt with speaking my peace here.

so when something as small as ignoring my suggestions to include the videos i create with all my heart, to push forward and inform some of Sara Meir's and steak prod. followers who may not have known about me. and the respond i got is.. if my format is clear, then they will see and look and if it fits into the categories of what they are pushing,then they will consider (fair enough) and then I see artists like Flo Rida talking bout bring that booty to the dance floor, and then a (Brooklyn MC, Talib Kweli video (whom i can relate to), and then a video of a person knocking over turntables to the ground that creates chuckles; I feel very small and unimportant, because i guess my footages of me talking to Russell Simmons, recording with Suge Knight, getting praised by an icon in hip hop such as Ralph Mcdaniels, getting a write up inside a magazine from NYC, performing the same night on the same stages with respected artists in the industry of Hip Hop in the world,having followers of all races that listens to me rap in Tagalog in a venue where the only Filipino is me (and get loud applause) my struggles,my efforts , and etc. etc., after knowing that i am making big progress, and still has to be screened to be promoted by my so called family STEAK, to see if I can fit their format..then I feel like my efforts , and knowing that they know how hard of the task i am accomplishing that i clearly illustrates in some of my videos that matches their purpose of combining manila with New York is not appreciated, is not as worthy as the videos they are promoting. ( a guy falling over knocking down a turntable held more weight than me getting praised from legendary Ralph Mcdaniels, handing DVD to Pharaoh Monch, talking to Russell simmons, etc etc, )

What I am saying is , it is obvious that they are fading away from me for reasons I just don't know because they don't express to me where they see me fit. And if the reason is because i seem to always have control of where i want to go, and i always have the ball in my hands, and don't listen to anyone, then its cool. But speak to me tell me that, if it is that, and the enthusiasm they voluntarily offered is no longer there, enthusiasm that i needed to bounce off and generate energy from to able to continue my journey to what i feel will lead to greatness. Its like a child looking for love, they raised me in this industry, then turned away to let me go...i mean take a little time to make me feel included or put me in my place to where you feel i belong, or how you think you can help , not disregard me, and down play my effort.

I am appreciative still till this day of all the help and attention they use to give me when i was nobody, and the big screen that they had in Jaipur where i used to promote myself heavily under their approval (but then again , i would have made it a point to why wouldn't they? why would they rather promote scribble jam DVD's rather than their own artist that helps represent STEAK, which i honestly still do) is something that i will never forget and never fail to thank till the day that i die.

H town, who I know is a good person, because he has helped me so much in the past, is someone who I haven't spoken to.. and I can tell you stories, thats plural, of how he has deprived me of my chances to shine when i deserved to in the past. but this would require pages of explanation. And I'm sure he will tell you different, and explain how he is disappointed in me...., But why would you be disappointed in someone who goes all out to being a force that can represent what he fights for himself. I could illustrate you facts of all the lane changes he made on his way to figuring out where he really want to stand in the community of hip hop, that we are all trying to uplift, and how many broken promises made in getting to where he is standing. I know he looked at me as competition, rather than a useful tool in this battle for respect in our struggling Genre. But I could name you hundreds who stated their assumptions of H Town's wrong doings, and sideway intentions. thats another long draining story. Leaders who are not in touch with the people they are leading, catering too much to the corporate world rather than feeling out the struggling artists needs, and cries, neglecting the fact that the artists are the reasons why they have a chance to be in position to live out their own dreams. I started to feel H town's obvious coldness towards my drive and strategies to change things for the better from when I returned from recording with Suge Knight, a notorious mogul responsible for changing hip hop period, where not more than 50 people in the world can say they share the same experience. An icon that even H town himself bombarded his walls in his office/apartment with posters of this man. And yet when I returned, I don't get not even a pat on the back, a simple congratulation, if anything his first reaction was " hey mike be careful with that man, he is no good, he will cheat you " were the only reaction i got from him as if the story was not a powerful enough story for him to celebrate as well, because him helping raise me to become somebody who might have a shot at something special for hip hop in the PI, is the reason i made it to that point to where everybody that studies and know of hip hops roots know how rare a situation is for any artist to sit with Suge Knight and even shake his hand, so for a Filipino raised by the industry in the PI to reach such heights is a story that should have been pushed by those who are responsible with representing us as journalist as H is (he is writer for hip hop section at pulp/ and so is Francis M).

Toni Toni, radio DJ for magic, a friend who i spent a lot of time around, who introduced me to numerous people that helped me lead to someone who most likely helped me, who i am still thankful for the testimonies he gave me for a documentary i was putting together, who i am not afraid to say is the biggest poser, who rejects comments that i post on his page every single time i try, has been one of my main detractor and naysayer. he will tell me that in my face that Im mayabang, too big headed, too much the opposite of humble. and me mentioning his name in here just makes him too relevant when he is not that important in my world, but i thought I'd give an example of his hate some shine. I have history with these people, Toni Toni tries sooooooooooooooo hard to be a Big Star, and he cant make it.. so he wants to make sure that I don't get to the point where i become one, if that is even my main reason to be in the forefront which is not. So his words that might mean a lot to other important people that like him taints the outlook of others towards me. I am not paranoid, it is what it is. I guess being under the same umbrella as H town, i can smell the conspiracy, but this man has trouble telling the truth when he looks at himself in the mirror, so I forgive him.

I don't know man.. i could be wrong but they don't give me reason to think otherwise with their actions, and i don't believe too much in he say, she say, but Ive been around Toni to know how much he bullshit his ownself..
I also understand we are human beings, and human nature sucks when you let it get in the way of having a godly aura. I know that people are aware of the stories and the concept, specially in the entertainment industry, of how they will put you up on a pedestal to be later knocked down. not saying that this is what I feel is happening, but no one can ever knockout the possibilities.

I know for a fact that these are great people who mean well, and made big impact in the scene, and even to why my career has taken it to where i stand now. I want to make it clear t hat I love them and I appreciate them...........

so, maybe, its just a clash of misunderstandings and different perspectives of how, and what measures to be taken to get to that next level. H-Towns'S INFATUATION OF SPINNERS ON A LONG SILVER CHAIN WHICH ARE IMAGES THAT ARE PORTRAYED BY MADE artists in America, and gangster rap, and low riders, and Grillz (which i once glorified coming from Brooklyn) until i got to soak myself into music scene , and poor areas in the Philippines, then understood how shallow it is inside the third world country to think and portray this image, it just didn't make sense, i know for sure how unoriginal it was, specially it they were wearing fake imitations, It will definitely spark the biggest laugh in your face when people out here in America look at the obvious jacking of the look .

And Compared to Sara's and Banjos passion for sneakers (which i use to have in me as well), I just feel that it doesn't help my cause to promote wearing 400 dollar sneakers in the Philippines. and I am not saying that their movement doesn't hold substance, or irrelevant, and that is all they are trying to promote. Because they are after the same things I am after (maybe that is why, I don't know!!)All I am saying is , its not what I want to see my self promoting.

It is in fact the opposite of what i want to get across, maybe it is because they are so much into being a New Yorker and a Filipino-American, and I happen bleed out more of New York than they do wherever i go, and swam heavily in the physical form in the era of hip hop that they glorify so much where i can tell true stories of my experiences by being there that intimidates their movement if i ever reach the status that i long for,I don't know if that is it, and I'm able to reach masa with my Tagalog messages and they are more English speaking, I don't know!! i don't think it is it, I hope me reaching my victory might threaten what they stand for now. So maybe they ignore me because they are scared that i will succeed with what i always felt was the right way to approach it, and since I've asked them first, Steak were the first people I expressed my need of help from in developing what is currently growing to be one of the most original and inspiring story hip hop will ever see in this already rich culture of it's short history.

And instead of clinging on to the concept that probably sounded so absurd to them at that point in time, they steered away from it from the jump, Sara stating that it's going to take me 3 years to reach that point, which can be right, even though i thought i was going to get it in 3 months, but here i am a year later, standing strong. and even if it took 30 years i will die proving that i will do this till death until i make it to the "BILLBOARD "( i even took a whole day out of my life to make a DVD for them to watch a lil over a year ago ,which i still have my own copy of till this day expressing my need for help in developing this picture in collaboration with STEAK which i still think and still wish to be a part of, it did sound crazy if you saw it too, so I don't blame them not embracing it fully)because it is still crazy which is why i am so relentless with raising awareness for the concept of the movement "TO THE BILLBOARD".

from a concept that was triggered by a heavy drunk conversation over "Emperador",( which is one of the cheapest brandy you can buy in the Philippines,) in the ghetto area in where my boy Slick n Sly reside in the PI, where the sight of foot long Rats, and swarming mosquitoes lurk to get a bite of your blood is common within every hour; a conversation that focused on getting my face up on a billboard, how I will dedicate my energy into turning this story of us four (Slick n Sly Kane, Sunny Blaze, Mista Blaze, and me Mike Swift) whom were present at the time, into a true story, which i will turn to a movie titled BILLBOARD, a concept that only a few of us were aware of, where i revolved my whole being around, from the albums,and the books, and the poetry and music I write. My whole Legendary album is the soundtrack to that movie, it is the movie. So for me to conceptualized this movement in the middle of QC in the Philippines over cheap liquor to reach this point where people in the world of different race is screaming "To The Billboard!!!", and over 50 songs of dedication, songs of petition that carry the messages stating that they understand me, and are behind me,and videos of believers who came across me in my lifetime, or who are connected to me somehow, artists all the way from Liberia (Africa), London, Toronto, San Francisco, Boston, LA, Every borough in NYC, Columbia, etc etc, songs that carry a lot of respect for my actions and effort to uplift hip hop period!!once again I would never let go of words that im not able to prove to be true, so everything i am saying, i can validate for.

To be able to make all these people move, contribute, glorify, scream my right to reach BILLBOARD, my movie, my Billboard in Edsa, all the way to my plan of reaching a billboard in times square where it will hold images of everyone who has been a part of my struggles, which includes even the once who i felt turned their cheek away from me, images of heroes in their own right, from photographers, grafitti writers, dancers, drug dealers, rappers, singers, parents of people who helped feed me, and shelter me, celebrities that became good friends of mine, and many many many more who has helped mold me to become someone who might be a hero to many. To be able to do what im doing off energy and determination alone, because god knows i don't have anything in my pockets but lint.

Those who are intelligent enough to see and kind hearted enough will know to help me reach my dream, my destiny.

Even if you didn't like me, and it is not about me, it is about the position I hold and placed myself where the whole world would get to see a Filipino, watch and hear music that are the fruits of my experiences in the Philippines, an original story that is not copied from americans, which usually happens in the Philippine industry, a story that i am writing with my life that glorifies the capabalities of my fellow artists/ showcasin the talent of our directors, and actors , and actresses, THEN CRYING OUT LOUD, HELP ME!! HELP ME GET TO THAT POINT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. because the day will come that I will get there regardless, and you helping me just helps me get there faster.

If you only knew how hard it is to get respect as a filipino artist in New York, and to have the response that I get starting off with my DVD "GET JAYZ FOR mE" which shows so many faces of our talents, a story that contains so much strong messages hidden behind it's comedy, my gift to helping our country to be recognized, a DVD that I worked hard all my life to reach up to , a DVD that I got to place in stores across the world, a set up to what is to come....

A fucking DVD that caught the attention of SPIKE LEE, where I might have a chance to be backed financially by, If you only knew how many miles I traveled to this point of no return, maybe you would be if not supportive, at least a lot nicer and cheerful for what i am trying to accomplish.

What can I say inspired me to write this is a conversation with Artstrong who expressed to me why he hasn't been able to make his song for the "to the billboard", in which i felt should have been given to me a long time ago, for he is the type of talent and person, who can help carry out what I hope to happen. And because of the relationship i had with him in making music, and sharing the vision of how we can stretch towards our goals as individuals. He has plans of how he can help which is different in how I can help, but we are on the same page, or I thought we were until the conversation.

He then stated that he has gathered all important people in one room to join forces in representing and blowing up Hip-Hop in the Philippines in ASIa or the world. the sound of his excitement for the gathering is so obvious and contagious

so when i brought up how he saw me fit in, i felt that he wasn't fully aware of what i am trying to do as well, which was cool with me, so I explained.. there we are back on the same page really fast once more, for he was there from the beginning when i was putting this concept together, he knows me well enough that i would do whatever it takes, and believes in my capabilities in getting it done, because I proved to him by paying him for the work that he done for me once i landed a deal with E REAL RECORDS (long Story) that i keep my word. The problem he said that might have been the reason why some of these people are alienating me and pushing me out the picture is because of the misrepresentation of the project I sparked" BILLBOARD" by a trusted friend of mine who helped guide me more creatively with its direction more than anyone, the person who glorifies the movement along with SUNNY BLAZE (who you guys are sleeping on as a major star for our country, ill prove that shit to ya later, i know its far fetch, but watch!) my boy B Roc of Turbulence Productions.

Artstrong's story is that B Roc was going around collecting money for my movement BILLBOARD (which is your movement as well) for a video, or whatever it is, and it ticked off some of the artists who are offended by the thought of paying to somebody to be able to feature on something.. which i understood.

this again would trigger my imagination of a hamster inside a wheel running in place.

I told Artstrong I would never ask anyone for money, i would take it if they volunteered it, can't say no to grace, but i would never ask anyone for money to be a part of something, which is something that im guessing B Roc had put together, cause i don't really know about at at all.

So I haven't got to the bottom of this story, but I was able to tell Artstrong is that nobody has a monopoly on any MIKE SWIFT project,I represent Myself first, and those who choose to represent me is welcome to as long as its leads towards the positive direction of the main goal, BILLBOARD the MOVIE!!, I mentioned to him how B-roc has been very supportive and a trusted friend who knows the strength and purpose of why and how I put it together.

Then i also I cried towards Artstrong to represent me and the movement heavy in the way that B-Roc is doing, and Sunny, and J HEEZ, and LONDON bABY, and Dash, and Jae Spillz, and F DUB( who got a tattoo for the cause, its Crazy!! )and many more who clinged on to the concept.

What comes to my mind? battle of camps, and Artstrong telling me the story of B-Roc holding on to the movement with my name in the forefront asking for money ticked off the other artists and pushed them outside of the purpose that i am trying to preach which is power in numbers towards one direction, Unity.

I didn't erase the fact that it is possible that some of these artists, maybe even artstrong himself views me as competition, i let art know that, i don't count any possibilities out. People are people, we are haters, envious, selfish, we are crabs, I know that deep inside some of these artists who will find any excuse to go against someone to not be left outdone, or beat. scared to be left behind, scared for the next man's success. We are fucked up. And I am lucky enough to have made so much effort in bringing people together, and making money for some for their own cause, that i can go on for days talking bout how I brought H town to andrew e so kuya drew can be part of the second annual hip hop awards which happened, I had Sunny (Urban Flow)record with Jawtee (Dongalo), i had a Dongalo artist who hated Syke so much when he didn't know even know him as person and went by what Andrew was sayin bout him, him shake his hand, I made Tuesday troop a brand in hip hop to be reckon with by bringing, people from Texas, London, Australia, singers, tattoo artists blah blah blah blah all in one place... look at all my footages and see what kind of energy and unity i bring, and i still can prove that i still do that with artists here in Brooklyn, all race, different languages, nationalities in one movement that was birthed by the Philippines through me.

I don't need to explain so much about the fucking changes I brought to the table, the attitude, and energy i contaminated the scene with. I am a leader by action, not by title.

Artstrong explained with positive vibes how he gathered MALAYA, (tol, kahit anong sabihin nila sa yo tungkol sa akin, kung hindi maganda, wag kang makikinig at maniniwala, ako pa rin ito, kapatid mong si posporo, salamat sa lahat!!) Sara Meir, H Town, Jerry Garcia, Richard Gutierrez, in one room to plan for next years awards.

He was telling me how he put H Town in his place, that there must be unity, that H TOWN made a lot of money on an event (HIP HOP AWARDS, a ceremony that i swear to god, i made a promise not to support until it is in order to help unite, not separate everyone) that suppose to bring and help the genre rise up to a level where it will help develop artists to be recognized by the world. Artstrong said that they suggested for H town or H suggested himself to handle just the marketing side of things, and make it a collaborative effort to make sure that the next one is more successful to reach out further and cater to the artists that make it possible rather than the corporate monsters that taint its main purpose.

and Artstrong mentioned how Sara wants to focus on promoting hip hop in the night clubs, that they will make attempt to play OPM (hate this term) as long as its not baduy. Which I then reiterated will never change until rap artists in the PI start making serious money. Too long to explain the mechanics of why rappers must have money to change that whole shit around, but I know for sure , besides good music, its going to take truck load of money to change things around. but still have to make that effort nomatter what just for good moral for some artist who get to hear their music that they made from the heart on the how I felt when i use to hear my song Thump in Jaipur.( and still hear the song and watch the video produced and directed by Arbie 1 inside the most known strip club in the world where major celebrities and professional athletes hang out in, SCORES..and i have footages in youtube to prove it)

"Where does Richard Gutierrez stand? ", i asked artstrong." he has the power to promote it on television,and get major companies to invest money into the drowning market of hip hop in the PI.." artstrong stated. And I know how broke that scene is , I speak from experience, the damage i made with how i came up from the bottom as a newcomer and able to land the biggest gigs a hip hop artist can make is quite legendary (they will say so as well), and still catch me in Glorietta selling DVD's and Mixtapes hand to hand (ask owner of MTV Francis Lumin, Direk Dom of Captain Barbell ,Toti who runs the independent label that put out Up Dharma Down, they bought one from me) , so i can pay my rent,is one of the reason, and example how I got to calculate the necessary steps on how I personally can improve every aspect of the game in hip hop sa pinas. because i studied every angle..... So any attention that Richard can give towards hip hop can certainly help specially if it is constant, and consistent.

"How about Jerry Garcia (next level management)? "Artstrong mentioned how he can help put our music online, this is definitely healthy because the internet is where the money is for recordings nowadays, nobody sells cds in the PI, the record company business is dying , its comatose. so this will definitely help. its all about making and generating money, which means everyone has to work in one cylinder, as a team as a whole, everybody, including Francis M. , and Andrew E, who has to be the most competitive motherfuckers I have ever seen in this world, I love them and idolize them for it.. over 20 years of monopoly, legend fuckin Dary!! but they run away from the responsibilities of fully using their power to help reach the next level, because they know the headaches thats attached to the negative and ignorant ways of some people in this genre. plus they are family men with different agendas, so I understand why these pioneers rather it stay the way it has been for them. Francis has 8 kids and feel unappreciated when he looks at how much money he should have in the bank account for everything he has done for Pinoy Hip Hop, he is our king and will fight to remain that is only natural, and same goes for Andrew E.

Kids need a new hero though, the next generation needs more voices who they can relate to and can feel, we need to find the right artists and groom them, and inspire more to become those who are making chage, artists with character and strong principles who is open minded to the possibilities of what the future can bring if we made them believe.

However, because of all the broken promises I have heard in the past, my defense mechanism reacts differently to how I should accept the potential of this organization's purpose. These are all leaders in their own right, A lot of egos, and I didn't elaborate on how Arbie One, and his Camp would react, Lock Down, Dongalo, Ampon, Rappublic, 6000 Goonz lead by (DICE of Dice and K9), and B Roc/turbulence, who seem to be making strides of their own by traveling outside the Philippines and meeting and collaborating with international artists. They will feel like they have a say so and belong to be pushed. Im just putting as much as I can out there, and there is much more variables that comes into play that will be hard to shift if there is no money to be shared. The focus needs to be getting money in the circle where everyone can afford the resources needed to compete, instead of igniting petty beef that will never end if no one is getting paid

ALL I can say is I have something special, that will definitely point all eyes on us in due time, and i plan to bring a lot of cash into our system. I am making history, I do try my best to represent filipinos in a genre where it is mandatory to be able to handle dirty laundry, a genre that is so tied heavily into getting street credentials, swagger, ability, courage, and to be able to be recognized here in brooklyn, where i have a few magazine write ups, and accolades coming my way, which will help me reach the Billboard faster, it is something that needs to be celebrated.. this is our shit!!!

Im in a position where i already earned the hearts of many in the Philippines where its too late to throw dirt in my name, i gave too much love to many, and physically fought when i needed to show how fearless i am when i fight for the majority who knew I was right. (at tagalog , tagalog to chong!! batangueno chong, wag kayong matakot tulungan ako chong!! and youll see .)

you are not going to find many artist in the Philippines who can compete and in the position im in. what can you lose by helping me out? what would the problem be if i asked to be on a cover of a magazine, or my face on a billboard, is it such a sin, when i demand for my right to belong? Have I ever stepped on anyones shoes to get to where i am now? tell me if I have, communication is key. Who worked harder and still stay without sleep in order to reach the possibilities of the far fetch for many?

and as much as we dwell on gathering everyone to be in tuned so we can reap benefits from the corporate world, One thing that I know a lot of us forget is that its all about the people. We cant forget the artists that are making attempts from the squatter areas in tondo who manage to save everything from their winnings in rap contests to be able to assemble a small studio and express themselves through their music, regardless of how behind they sound to what is current, the little kids rapping in the corner about being mistreated by the system, you cant forget the movements in Baguio, Bacolod, Pampanga, Batangas city, these are places that i went to and spent time understanding, not just Manila.

These are the kids who buy and support the music, the poor people, they appreciate it a lot more. they are our foundation, and I think that when you focus on catching up with what is going on outside of our own country is when we forget what we are suppose to be glorifying,loving, grooming, drawing inspiration from everywhere but more so from our own .

we negate ourselves of our chances to unite and rise when we start looking at each other as competition.

whether you believe me or not, it isn't going to change what I believe I know.

I know I will get this one million dollars eventually. Because I will work hard to find someone who I can convince with the blueprint i put together.

And If you guys can cater to and help my cause , and all you have to do is be assertive and ask me how you can help me reach this goal. Together we will get to inspire many,We will get to help many, its in my blood, and in my actions to show how much im willing to die for the chance to prove I am right. I have touched many lives already without putting out an album, (without having significant amount of money to live comfortable, I still sleep if not on the floor, but on the couch of my friend J HEEZ in Brooklyn),

so if your imagination can take me as far as i do for myself, and see the big picture that lies ahead, then you can help me create magic for others as all of you had done for me.

Please believe that i have nothing but good intentions for everything that I do, and if you read some of the letters that i get from Filipinos all over the world who gets to watch my efforts on the internet. you too will see why i know i have the power that i have to make people believe. They are my reason to persevere.

Help me make this as special as it can be.

Thank you.

I love all of you (pause, no homo ),and I don't care if you believe me or not. Regardless ,nobody is going to stop me from reaching what I promised for myself and others.

TO THE BILLBOARD, its just a matter of time