Monday, March 31, 2008

Events This Week:

Thursday- April 3, 2008"RAP THURSDAY" @ SUBARUS BAR & RESTO (Sgt.Esguerra st. infront of Triad & Figaro, near ABS-CBN)
w/Live Performances by DONGALO ARTISTS
Oman B, Madkillah, Khen Magat, Dss, Don G Belgica, n many more.
Party Startz 9pm onwards!!!!
For more info pls. contact: 4458900/ 09196270471 look for Oman B.

Friday- April 4 & 5, 2008

Beat It - A two day installation on Filipino BeatBoxing will be held at Torre Lorenzo Condominium (Rooftop), Taft Ave, Mla. 8 PM Onwards
This event will show a Filipino BeatBox documentary, Artworks and an interactive CD. There will be live performers showing the art of beatboxing from the local Filipino BeatBoxing scene as well as other musicians from the Filipino Hip-hop scene.

Hip-Hop Nyt (Mini Concert)

Hip-Hop Nyt (Mini Concert) @ Moonflower Bar & Resto (formerly Venue 108) on Friday (April 4, 2008) 9 PM featuring performances by: 187 Mobstaz, Crazy As Pinoy, Mike Kosa, CMT, & Shocra, Entarnce fee is 100 w/ free 1 bottle beer.
for info call/text 09208945012

Saturday- April 5, 2008

"PLAYA'Z CLUB" @ ARYAN THEATER (Remedios Taft Malate, Mla.)
Entrance 100 pesos w/ Free cocktail drink w/Live Performances by THE DONGALO FAMILY!
Party starts 9pm onwards!!!!
For more info pls. contact: 4458900/ 09196270471 look for Oman B.

KrazyKyle TV: Season 2

KrazyKyle TV is back.. and now on it's second season..Still featuring performances from old to new skool artists.. for this post we got the 3rd episode of season 2.. Jay Flava & Ill-29 on the mic.. if you guys want to see all it's episode you can check out:

Friday, March 28, 2008

To The Billboard: episode 3

From Brooklyn, to the Bay, to the Philippines, to The rest of the World...

What’s up SoulSonic.. Sorry it has been a while..To The Billboard it is.. pag sinabi ko sa inyo na walang impossible, dahil ginagawa ko ang mga yon.. panoodin nyo na lang ang mga video.. salamat sa mg tumulong. At sa mga nagbigay ng kanta kahit wala akong pambayad.. maraming salamat. Malaking tulong sa akin mga kanta nyo.. sila ang nagbibigay ng buhay at energy sa mga ginagawa ko.

Also if you guys get a chance .. minsan nakikita ko rin itong magazine na to sa mga malls in the Philippines but YRB is a worldwide magazine I have a pretty big article there next to Slim Shady.. Fat Joe, Jenna Jameson, Carmelo Anthony, Kid Robot, etc etc..

Also will be featured in west coast hip hop magazine, STASH. And out next week is HOOP CITY’s first issue with Michael Jordan on the cover, I am their first featured artist in there. (wow 2 pages)

Respect and congratulations to the nominees of the PI Hip-Hop awards. I have utmost love and respect for most of you guys are my friends, and I am a fan of most of your work, however when I read from it’s site that it’s the highest honor in Filipino Hip-Hop community, that’s when I have to disagree. If anything it lacks integrity and honor in my book. (hindi ko tinitira si H-TOWN) ang tinitira ko ay ang sistema nilang bulok!! I applaude H TOWN for his efforts in glorifying Pinoy Hip-Hop, i just question the organiztion’s vision for "US" in the community. He has a big responsibility in representing "US" the best way possible. It’s leaders whoever they are, are too secretive to be representing "US" in the open. HOW are the Hip Hop Awards, supposedly the highest honor in Pinoy Hip-Hop going to represent US if they don't communicate with US!!

It is not H town’s fault that the hip hop awards had turned most of hip hop artists and execs to hypocrites probably including me at one point. But I can guarantee you im going to hear the same cries and complaints from a lot of people involved , specially the losers of the next hip hop awards. As long as the artist and the genre cant generate money for the development of our art, and artist deserving, then this will remain a problem. If BJ FORBES and MARK HERRAS, and CARLOS AGASSI can get a record deal contract, but Nimbus Nine and GOD’S WILL cant and many more deserving cant, Then there is a big problem there.

Another vendetta I have on the organization is , How come none from it’s organization invited me to be involved. Conspiracy? Personalan? Am I a threat?, Wouldn’t I be a nice extension to this movement that I already helped in many ways you wouldn’t understand in one sentence? (and I definitely appreciate the stage that i earned to perfom on the past, till this day im thankful) Regardless of what it maybe. Fact of the matter is Im fuckin making noise, and represent the Filipino hip hop community like no other for the world to see. Can you name anyone raised by Pinoy Hip-Hop community getting featured in major international magazines (shouts to the producers featured in SCRATCH), matter of fact Can you name any other artist, an entertainer Believe me this is not a cry for an award, or to be nominated. Because to me the highest honor is RESPECT!! And Ive gained that from majority, and that’s foreigners included. Yes I did say that I banned the Hip Hop Awards, and will not be a hypocrite and jump on its bandwagon the day they want to favor me, if they ever will… Conspiracy? Personalan? At kung ano ano pang possible kung bakit na singled out yata ako.

One thing I realized is , our cries in the PI are the same cries of starving artists in Brooklyn, and the same in the Bay area.

Traveling to the west coast had given me a better perspective on what is needed to be done as far as executing the necessary TO THE BILLBOARD (backed by a major player in the game) It also gave me the chance to meet other unsung heroes such as the BAYLIENS and the gorillapino pope himself, NUMP TRUMP. They are so connected to glorifying Filipinos in the world and I feel that they deserve everything that they wat to go for. Ive learned so much from them. The Bayliens with 3 songs currently in rotation in the nations 4th largest radio station in Clearchannels WILD 94.9, and NUMP TRUMP who is a pinoy that the filipino hip hop community have to glorify. The man is signed to E40’s label (sik wit it) he had a big song in the bay area (I GOT GRAPES) he had worked with lmostly all of the legendary rappers in the Bay, and then some.he is very Unselfish, and hardworking, and aggressive as fuck. He had invited me to join his movement, GORILAPINO .45 CAL. and I rep that shit!

Let me just sum up all the special things that happened, and how it came about. Ive was speaking with cats from forensic science (met them in th PI , XIEN HOW ENZYME, FLOSS, KILLA STORMZ, who became my brothers fo life!, and J3, wademan, cel and floss. you guys too) about heading to the bay area to shoot for a scene for my next dvd (STILL DOING tHE RIGHT THING) I had bought my ticket for me to stay there for a month.. shouts to my brothers who are ALL IN in this movement, they understand it’s power and unselfishness. And in the process of waiting out the perfect day to shoot. Mike Swift just hustled the rest of the days the way he knows how.. and this is some of the things that happened.. besides linkin up with other tagalog rappers such as Sandamukal records camp, trap, Koponang KuLapo, Mr Rey, and cats like A1 sauce, G-BOOGS, Open line medias Rome Digs(shouts to you and your efforts-Intelligent Movement) and to all who had helped me 1016, JoILL, STEF & INEZ, Jim the LEANER.. fuck too much to mention. you know who you I got to guest in two radio shows (one in a major radio at WILD 94.9, ABS CBN international featured me in MYX, met up with Manny Pacquiao and his camp, which is how people got to see me in the Philippine news all around the world. Hung out with OPIO of Hieroglyphics, recorded with LIVIN LEGENDS SUNSPOT JONZ in Los ANGELES. I trooped it with fellow travelmatic characters, the bayliens, during Grammy’s weekened, where I got to walk the red carpet, and got it in with APL DE AP (he gave me his business card, I take that he saw the get Jay-Z for me before X-Mas recently, and because of this you will see more changes in the PI… riddles upon riddles upon riddles.. theres going to be a lot of ass kissing towards APL DE AP again, guarantee hypocrites will surface again)

Met up with SUGE KNIGHT (he tapped my chest so hard with his backhand, I still feel that where he asked me to sit with him again, but it wasn’t the right time to sit with him, long story.. bumped into BLUE WILLIAMS (OUTKAST MANAGER) he recognized and rememberd me and gave him something new I don’t know if you realize how high powered and hard to get at type people these are, but im there rubbin elbows, and being recognized) its all part of the plan. Performed in Oakland, Frisco, santa clara at the same stage the same day as cats like ZION I, Mista Fab, Nump trump, Bayliens… and so much more. I soaked up so much of bay hip hop history, and fell in love with it almost the same way as I cut through the industry in the PI .. I made my presence felt so strong in the Bay that I am already getting flown out next week to perform, and a guesting in radio awaits me . and an album together with NUMP is being talked about (did two songs with him already, and bout to record another featuring Bambu of Native Guns ..) Pinoy's Finest mixtape volume 2 also will be in progress with Maka Uno, MR REY, and KOPONANG KULAPO)

STAY TUNED for ILLEGAL BAYLIEN IN NEW YORK DVD with soundtrack that is bangin!!! (you will see how a true grinder gets it in a months time) LEGENDARY!!

Not to mention that I was on the Bill 2 weeks ago with Amanda Diva (youtube her if you'd like, you'll see how big known she is) in Nuyorican Poets Café. Im out here in New York got a radio interview tonight.. but of course you already know that I will have video of everything that I talk about.. Proof to validate the truth in all I say and write. Ingat kapatid!! Umpisa pa lang ito.. yung mga kasabay ko sa laban na ito.. walang bibitaw. At yung mga gusting sumali.. Sali na kayo Masaya ditto!! Mapagbigay na movement, kaya galit ang mga madadamot dito eh (downlow haters).. Just know that this movement is yours to own as well. Know when you have something special.. hindi ko makakaya ito kung wala kayo. Kayo ang aking inspirasyon..


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"If You Were My Baby Girl" -Nimbusnine feat. Hotnixx & Marquiss

Whats good? Turbulence Productions strikes heavy early this summer. With this summers hottest track "If You Were My Baby Girl" by Nimbusnine feat. Hotnixx & Marquiss, produced by Chrizo. This new single is currently getting played around the metro via your favorite frequencies WAVE 89.1 and RX 93.1 -- help us secure a spot in the ariwaves by either voting and requesting for it!

Wave 891 "your request" send to 2968
RX 891 "your request" send to 2968

Open to all networks! Keep on pushing for that pinoy hiphop music on the radio! Thank you and hope you guys enjoy the summer. Some of y'all will prolly use this joint as a soundtrack to you summer. Enjoy the sun! To The Billboard!! -B-Roc

B-Roc send this to us for a free download here @ SoulSonic (just click on the image for link)!!! So kindly vote for this track... and continue to support the movement.. peace

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Events this Week!!

Friday- March 28, 2008
Six Wid It
Check out the 6th year anniversary of the hardest working Hip-Hop promoter in the metro! LockedDown Entertainment's Six Wid It party at Magnet in High Street at The FoRT this friday March 28,2008 10pm. With performances from ILL-J, Monique, Pamilia Dimagiba,People's Future, Bagetsafonik, Cambio and more. If u want to watch some hiphoppin performances check this out ayt!!

Buttalicious Events 2008: Part 1
After a year and three months, BFE is back gathering our hip-hop artist for the
edutainment of both supporters and skeptics alike. featuring some of the nation's independent and underground hip-hop artists! On Friday, March 28 @ Empire Bar, Q.C. 9 PM (entrance: P100w/1 Beer) you can witness live performances by: Krazykyle & Rapskallion Familia, Turbulence Productions, Jay Flava, Tutay, Denmark, Klutch-B, MHC/Funkworx Pilipinas, Truplaya, Dos/Azian Tribe, Tempes, Novakkkaine, Dogg Community, Brownchild, Down Town Artist, Butta-Flava & O.R.B. of BFE.

Saturday- March 29, 2008
Sexy Back
On Saturday If you wanna go dancing and get your mack game on you must definitely check out "Sexyback" a Hip-Hop party at The Basement in Eastwood Libis. With the hunk Dj Ponga on the wheels of steels and God's Will on the mic, this is definitely gonna be one hot party. Also i heard the FHM girls are gonna be in this party..(any free tickets for the Soulsonic Staff??hehe) Check it out this Sat, March 29 10pm.. Free Back to the Grill Mixedtapez for the first 100 partygoers !!

Sunday- March 30, 2008
Blind Rhyme Compilation Audition Part 2
Then on Sunday, is the day for aspiring rappers... Blind Rhyme Compilation Audition Part 2 (The SEARCH FOR THE REMAINING THREE SLOTS) will be held @ Kainan ni Joseph Strata Ground Floor, Strata 2000 Building,Garnet Road, Ortigas Center,Pasig City. (beside PLDT emerald avenue) from 9:00am to 10:00pm (March 30, 2008) with judges: Klutch B. of Chinese Mafia, Quaizy of Madd Poets, D-Coy of Madd Poets, Kemikal Ali of BB clan, and the main man himself "Denmark". The chosen artists will be introduced / featured in the BlindRhyme Compilation Album that is scheduled for release on June 2008. Registration fee: P100 for solo, P150 per group. For early registration: look for Lanie (tel# 3841946) c/o Tapsi ni pasing- kainan ni joseph Monday-Saturday (7AM-7PM only)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Holy Week Special!! Sum jointz to play this Lenten season

Before the SoulSonic Staff goes on vacation... We gonna leave you somethin for The Holy Week... So quit the hatin for a minute and let's contemplate this Holy's our Lenten Special!

First we gonna give Peter Parkher who is formerly known as Beracah.. He is the first Gospel Rapper here in the country that relased a full gospel album.. (we still havent ripped the beracah album.. so watch out for it here at soulsonic.)

Next is a track from the second album of The Master Rapper "Francis M."

Third is from the Pioneer in Gangsta Rap "Death Threat".. This was included on their sophomore album "Wanted"

For the 4th on we got one of the fastest and talented rapper here in P.I. which is no other than "Mista Blaze".. this one of the best track in his debut album... but my question is where is he ? can we still expect another album from the bizzy bone of P.I. ?

Next we got another old skool rappper.. who is one of the 1st batch artists in dongalo.. but in this album i think they are no longer affiliated with andrew e.'s label...

Lastly here somethin for Easter Sunday.. a track from Mr. Pure Energy "Gary V." "Shout 4 Joy"

Monday, March 17, 2008

Video Drop! "Pambansang Kamao"- D-Coy

In celebration of Pacquiao's win yesterday, here's a music video for him courtesy of D-Coy, featuring the production of The BeatMathics. We hope on Pacquiao's next fight, this will be played as his entrance music! Tik-tik-tikman mo!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Cabinet Archives: Lost Indie Tracks

First we got "Shout It" by De Loop who is one of the original 6000 Goonz member. this track was included on his first album entitled "Stuck In This Hole" that was released in 2001.

Next is "Raw + Rough & Rugged" by Flipjoint (Calixto, Mave Mack) feat. JOLO.. this track was on "Project Illdef" compilation.. that was executive produced by Gee-Q of (it is one of the first local hip-hop site)

Our last track for this issue is "A Whole Lotta" by GINN who is considered as the first Snoop Dogg of the Philippines.. This is included on his debut album "Commin In" that was released under his own "Big Ballin Records" in 2000.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Event This Week

Hardcore Rap Strikes Back
Pamilia Dimagiba "The Resistance Album Launch"

Performances By:
Pamilia Dimagiba
God's Will

Featuring the Video Premier of "Larangan"

Friday, March 7, 2008

MobbStarr is Back !!!

After two years since their last album (Tha Journey)... MobbStarr is set to release their 4th studio album entitled "TIME SPACE RHYTHM STARRS" this year (2008)with "Eargasmic" as 1st single.. The video for it was also to be out soon... So in the meantime let's just listen to their 1st single EARGASMIC !!!

Note: This track is not downloadable...i just used another account on divshare for this.. coz imeem is kinda slow nowadays...

Old Skool Fridays: Triple Play Special "1991"

To those guys who keeps on askin for downloads of.. "Mahiwagang Nunal & Na Onseng Delight" Sorry we cant give your request...But here's a treat to all of you.. For this week we gonna give you Triple Play.. 3 Songs from 1991 and all of them are Hard To Find Tracks... from the Rap Pioneers in Phil.(too bad we don't have an Mc Lara Vinyl).

"Wag Kang Gamol - Andrew E."
First we got one of Andrew E's classic track.. "Wag Kang Gamol" that is part of "Andrew Ford Medina (Wag Kang Gamol) Soundtrack".. which happens to be also a Blockbuster Movie.. with Andrew E. & Dennis Padilla as the lead stars...

"Sirang Plaka - Lady Diane"
2nd is "Sirang Plaka" that is from "The First Lady of Rap" album of Lady Diane.. I think this is her follow up single to Sa-Sa-Saddam...

"Wag Munang Mag-Asawa - Denmark"
and Last but not the least is "Wag Munang Mag-Asawa" by Denmark which is on the B-Side of Luningning's single. and was also included on Denmark's debut album "Im Markie D"

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Rap Lives on the Radio

Looks like real rap is making a comeback on the local airwaves. Decypher sent us an email about his new show on Wave 89.1. Check it out yo! Lets also support the other rap shows like H-Town's The Flow every Sat. 6-9 PM and Hip26 (which really needs to update its playlist!)..

Sick and tired of Soulja Boy and T-Pain?

Catch DJ DECYPHER ( in the mix this FRIDAY, Mar. 7 @ WAVE 89.1 FM from 11:00pm-1:00am. (Nonstop Mix)

DECYPHER will be dropping current hits from the likes of Jay-Z, The Game, Nas, Lupe Fiasco, Common, Talib Kweli, UGK, Little Brother, Saigon, Consequence and Kanye West to semi-recent joints from Cam’ron, Young Gunz, Juelz Santana, The Roots, Scarface, Alchemist, Mobb Deep, Ghostface and Slum Village during the first hour.

During the second hour, DECYPHER goes classic ol’ skool with throwback tracks from Black Sheep, Outkast, Black Moon, Eric B. & Rakim, Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr, KRS-One, Slick Rick, Digital Underground, Masta Ace, Special Ed, Cypress Hill, NWA, Brand Nubian, EPMD and much more.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

SoulSonic's Top 5 Posse Tracks!

Posse Track. Dati rati halos lahat ng lokal hiphop albums ay merong mga kani-kanilang posse tracks na kasama. Kadalasan ay collabo ito ng mga homies nila from the same camp, (like the Vibestation Session, 5:30 Sta.Rosa) or jam sessions ng mga iba-ibang camps(Magnificent 7, Sa Loob at Labas ng Rekognize). Nung kabila-kabila pa ang naglalabasang mga pinoy rap noon, lagi nating inaabangan kung sino sino ang mga magkasama sa posse tracks di ba? Minsan pa nga e puro rewind pa lalo na pag may diss kang narinig or medyong may tirang lyrics. For this segment we run down the most classic moments of posse cuts in pinoy hiphop. Pwede rin kayong mag sugggest kung ano sa inyo ang mga classic na posse cuts, but for's our top 5 Posse Tracks in Pinoy Hip-Hop!

"Neva Letting go" is from the Mobbstarr album "The Journey" which featured the SVC duo of Juss-Rye and ILL-J. The highlight of the track though was Mike Swift, with his scene stealing verse that got heads open. The track was produced by Juss-Rye and no doubt one of the best track of the album.

The "Vibestation session 4" was off the 1st 7shots album, featuring a rare appearance of Down Earf- Caliph8 and Ace1. Ace sounded funny in tagalog but the killer verse was from the young Playa P and the Grounded Crew with their double time style. Rewind that shit and y'all know what im talking about.

Next up is the lost track "Walang Duda" from the underrated 3rd album of Rap Balladeers Urban Flow. This aint no rap ballad though because this track is pure fire with the whole 3rd Eye infantry crew, Down Earf and PD and Urban Flow for our 3rd best posse track.

Next is from another underrated album, this time from D-Coy's Plastic age album. "Will Rap 4 food" features the whole Rekongize All Stars alumni over a Boombap beat from LowKey. Sobrang sakto ang mga banat ng mga mc's dito at tugmang tugma sa rap scene nung time na to. and the best posse track...

"Kickin Lyrics 2"..Madaming nag-react bakit daw hindi Kickin Lyrics part 1 ang dapat, which featured MastaPlann..Pero itong track nato with the Dongalo MC's, mas classic to.. Nilabas ito nung kasikatan ng Drive-by Show ni Andrew E. at during this time, Death Threat at Dongalo ang mga kings ng street rap ng lokal scene. Mukang malabong maulit ang ganitong track dahil on top of their game ang mga mc's dito..pero who knows maybe a new generation of MC's??
5 -Neva Lettin Go- MobbStarrs, SVC, Mike Swift

4 -Vibestation Session 4- Down Earf, Caine of El Latino, Grounded, 7 Shots of Wisdom

3 -Walang Duda 2- PD,Urban Flow, Down Earf, Proof Positive & RGA

2 -Rap 4 Food- Legit Misfitz, Madd Poets, ILL-J, 7shots, Misteazas, Klutch B, Ali of BB Clan, Dj Radikal MK

1 -Kickin Lyrics 2- Death Threat, MaddPoets, BB Clan,IPK, Oblaxz, Chinese Mafia

Note: you can download the tracks by just clicking on the divshare name on the player.. and you will be redirected on it's download page... So from now on when you see the divshare player on our article the track is downloadable... peace