Friday, August 24, 2007

Old Skool Fridays: " That's The Way Love Is" - Rapasia

Here's a lost gem from RapAsia entitled "That's the way love is".
Rapasia was composed of Brother B.M.,Ronski J & Bronx Magalona brother of Francis Magalona. They were one of the Pioneer Rap Groups here in the Philippines, and the first trilingual group. Their album was released in 1991 under Viva records. In this album you would not only hear English & Tagalog dialects in their tracks but also in Chavacano. Rapasia's biggest single was the radio hit "Hoy tsismosa". Up til now i still play this track especially to my katulong, coz she's too chsimoza.Comprende.

Here is the Track "That's The Way Love Is" from their album and Just click on The Image for their "Hoy Tsismosa" Track Download.. Another Double Trouble from SoulSonic !!!


Patrick said...

Thanks for the track! Never heard any of their music.

Anonymous said...

Rapasia was to old school for that period. Their tracks was so ädvance in that period of time. Working with a music producer Homeboy George from East LA was rather a drawback because Pinoys that time wasn't ready for that Rapasia flavor..

If you have listen to that pumping beat of Philippine Island or that mellow crunching base in Do It Right, you will know im talking about..

son of the BM