Thursday, January 21, 2010

Video Drop: Dito Lang - KrazyKyle ft. Pow Chavez

Latest music video from the adopted son of Mandaluyong "KrazyKyle" ft. Pow Chavez. Directed by Ace Villena

J-Sin video

O sa mga lahat ng tsismoso dyan..Eto na...check out his soundclick link:

CB Automatic album launch

Check out CB Automatic's album launch this January 29 at Empire superclub in Ortigas..With guests LDP and more..The Beatshop is the same production that gave you Young JV last year.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shamik live this fri@ Alchemy (with Miscellaneous & Picoy)

Beatbox sensation Shamik will be visiting Manila for a special gig this friday at Alchemy Bar in Origas..Also featuring Miscellaneous, Picoy and Dj Red-I..

check out Shamik's album here: Shamik's Album

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Free Download: Acts of Evil- AMPON & Circadian Rhythm

MurderDeathKill mixtape or simply known as "MDK" is a collaboration of the country's most sadistic Horrorcore artists. Their aim is to revive a Hiphop subgenre that has been overlooked ever since its foundation. Each track in this mixtape represents the macabre and the darkside of hiphop that will only result in two things either "Fear" or "Excitement". It also has the vibe of a classic horror film making it a unique listening experience! With blood-curdling tracks from Circadian Rhythm, Redrum and AMPON's Plazma, Labjaxx and Gabby this mixtape will change the face of Philippine Hiphop.

Can you handle the terror? If you think you can then watch out for this project! It will be released sometime next week! You can either download it for free or buy a copy (you'll get freebies plus the cover will surely amaze you!) Here's a little preview for ya'll! Gabby, Plazma, God Dem, Defcon and Labjaxx - Acts of Evil. Enjoy kids! :)

-Plazma of AMPON

Free Download: "Tonight" -Amazing Kid ft. Duncan Ramos

Free download from Rapskallion's "Amazing Kid" feat. Duncan Ramos who is a former member of South Border.. Click the Link !!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Francis M- Master Strutter

This is the first ever tv appearance of master rapper Francis M- (RIP)..He joined this b-boy contest back in 1982 called Dance 10..Not only a master rapper,but a master strutter as well!! word up! (sorry quality is not soo good,ripped from betamax)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

D-Coy feature on Trace (French Urban Channel)

Pinoy reprasent!!

Manilla Rap - mytrace
We go to the Philippines where weapons are on the streets and poverty has reached new heights, and D Coy has found a new weapon… his lyrics.

Dj Q-Bert live in Manila!!

Once again the word's best scratch dj comes to home to do a special set at LAX this Jan.15, 2010..Be there hiphopppers!!

Below is their DMC set that changed the Dj world forever:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Commune Sale this week

mga fashioniztas,hipsters,gangsters,preppies,at simply hiphoppers punta kayo sale sa Commune..murang mura lang,lalo na mga dunks,(orig ah indi fakes),air max( pati si john lapus naka airmax na ngayon) at mga supra (back to the future!) lol no hate.saka mga t-shirts sale din so bili kayo para hindi puro sinag ng araw suot nyo 2010 na ultimo bumbay na nag 5-6 samin naka 3 stars and a sun na fake (buy orig FMCC only) at yung tinderang bading samin naka jabawokeez na allstars sa likod (combo) bili kayo sa commune para maiba ang japormz nyo sa clubbing this weekend? (wag lang bakat itlog ah)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Pinoy pride in Italy: Yamamas (Myspace artist of the week)

Our kababayans from Italy repping Pinoy Hiphop.Also an avid supporter of Soulsonic Tv.Check them out yo!

Yamamas a shortened word for Young Minds @ Music Alternative Sound, was formed in Italy on 2003. These 3 Filipino youth, lived in a small city in Italy, had something in common. They are passionate about music. They listen to all kinds of music but throughout the time of being together, they have fallen for rap music.
pitaopz,xyron and rj.As they are known, were inspired to create songs inspired by rap and hiphop. It is pitaopz who had the most interest in hiphop at that time, and the other members considered doing rap with all types of music, even rock, jazz, pop,classic, techno etc..
For them, this is how they would like to express themselves and share with people the difference they made.

Free download! "Just ride" Earshot Quest

FlipMusic presents a free download of Earshot Quest's track called "Just ride"..Ya'll might remember Earshot as the rap/r&b group a couple of years ago with the track "Summertime" from XAX music..they're still on hiatus but CB automatic will be releasing his solo album sometime this can download the track here:


Earshot "Summertime" MTV

Simon of BB Clan in New Elementz track "Cant you see"

Simon of BB Clan is featured on a track from New Elementz called "Cant you see".New Elementz is a rap duo from Canada, representing the Cirkulo Pugantes camp.enjoy this exclusive!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 2010!! New track: Bambu"Queen is dead"

download it here!!

check the man: