Friday, October 19, 2007

Old Skool Fridays: R. A. P. 1st Issue

Since one of our old skool artist last week is a Dongalo 1st Batch i already mentioned the R.A.P. album...We decided to put that Album for this week's Old Skool Fridays...The now classic and very hard to find R.A.P. or Rap Artist of The Philippines 1st Issue features debut appearances from BB Clan, Syke, Richie Rich, Madd Poets, Chinese Mafia ,IPK & Oblaxz..It Includes 8 Solid Tracks...And all of its song were at that time are undeniably 1st of its kind...from IPK's "Quickie" up to the last track "Kapkapan" by Madd Poets which features D.F.T. are now also includes the diss track to Punks(Rockers/Metal heads)"Bolanchaw" by Chinese Mafia which (composed of Chi-Nig & Jay Flava before Klutch-B joined the group)...Caine of El Latino can be also heard on this album as Madd Drop 1 who used to be a member of Madd Poets...Other tracks that made this a classic are "Sya'y Kadiri" by Richie Rich, "A.E.I.O.U." by Ali & Simon of BB Clan, Taong Tibe and Syke's Conscious Track Paano Na ?..But i think the notable track on this album is "Taong Ina Mo" by Oblaxz... Because as far as i can remember this track was already promoted on DM 95.5 s as part of Oblaxz debut album and not on R.A.P...Then if you gonna listen to this gonna notice that it is not only Oblaxz who performed the song but it also features Ghetto Doggs or other Dongalo artist..But in the Inlay's Credits Oblaxz & Pooch were the only performers listed..Anway here is another Dongalo Old Skool track " Taong Ina Mo"


Anonymous said...

The best album so far..
Hard to find..

It's gold.

Magnificent Ozone said...

saan b mai-stream o makukuha yung syay kadiri?