Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Whatever Happened To... : Dj Radikal MK

Radikal MK is one of the Pioneer Turntablist here in the Philippines... He started DJing in the early 90's and became popular as the resident DJ/Producer of the Rap Group Death Threat... Radikal MK did different side projects with other artist... He also competed on the DJ Mixing Championship and became a champ himself.. But after Death Threat's Still Wanted album he goes MIA... Now he can be seen playing with "Hardware Syndrome" (Francis M.'s band)... and according to our source he is currently working as an audio Engineeer for Hit Productions.. A production outfit that specialize on Jingles... So our Question is.. Will he be coming back to the scene and make new hip-hop tracks ?... Like the track that we feature here.. which is "Wreck Dialect" an RMK solo Track from El Latino's sophomore album "Young & Dangerous".. Damn we really hope that he will come back and wreck again the wheels of steel..


Anonymous said...

Take it from someone who knew the guy, he's a lazy bastard that smokes too much dirtweed and even got offered American dollars to make beats and he refused. A waste of talent.