Saturday, October 27, 2007

Certified Classic !!!

Back in the Day when everyone just keeps on making their own albums or compilation... A certain DJ known as Arbie Won came and changed the game...He broke the bandwagon or outdone the other DJ's or artists did before him...And this was through his mixtapes..Yes you read it right Mixtapes and not MixCD..Yeah we still use the word Mixtape even if it's already in CD format... But what im trying to say is that this guy is already making Mixtapes on Cassettes independently when no one else does... He Released different Mixtapes from Party to Reggae Mixes..Until in 1999 he released the Now Classic and Rare "United Freestyles v.1 which features 40+ MC's doing their own Verses... Included in the album are then unknown artist like K-Nut, Rapskallion, Trife-1 (now known as JOLO),2tay, Artstrong & Pamilia D. to name a few..Old timers Syke, Dash of Legit Misfitz, Urban Flow, Madd Poets, BB Clan & ill-j of SVC also participated on the Mixtape that was released independently through Gigs, word of mouth orders and on some skateboard & Thrift Shops... Then in 2003 the much anticipated and the first ever DJ Album entitled "United Freestyles v. 2" which contains all Original Tracks from the Dopest Rappers here in P.I. was released commercially and bagged 3 trophies on the 1st Philippines Hip-Hop Awards... After that a lot of People keep on asking where is the "vol.1" ? and there are also stupid m*thaf#ck@rs said that there were no vol.1 was released before...So to put all the rumors and arguing to rest... We at SoulSonic asked the man himself for a CD format (coz we only had it on cassette) of the Mixtape...But he gave more than what we asked for..He allowed us to give it as a Free Download here at SoulSonic...So to all the is your chance to have a copy of the Classic Mixtape...Take it as an early Christmas Present from us... Peace....
1) Intro
2) Proof Positive
3) Caliph-8
4) Quaizy Illeon
5) Shadowblyde of PD
6) Artstrong
7) E-Quipt
8) Ali
9) K-Nut
10) Cyphasis
11) 2Tay
12) Sunny Blaze of Urban Flow
13) Trife 1 aka J.O.L.O
14) Kristyles
15) Flipjoint
16) G-Money
17) Dash
18) Side 2 Intro
19) 7 Shots
20) Playa P
21) YounGalaxy of PD
22) Caine
23) Rapskallion
24) Ill-J
25) Killa Drip of PD
26) Mad Frick of PD
27) Lemsy
28) D-Coy
29) Syke
30) Gasmastah
31) 8th Messenger of PD
32) Ace-1 of Down Earf
33) Outro


Pat said...

Props to Arbie Won and SoulSonic!

M Three said...

big up to SoulSonic and to Arbie Won Kenobi for this certified classic.... been looking for this shit... thnx bros


Anonymous said...