Friday, October 26, 2007

ComeBack to Back !!!

In 2003 we witnessed Lady Diane's comeback on P-Noise v.1 Compilation..and we even seen her on a TV Interview mentioning that she has an album coming out..But unfortunately up to this day we haven't heard of anything yet..then in 2004 another pioneer artist in the local hip-hop rap scene came back..and he goes by the name of Denmark..He released his comeback album under his Blind Rhyme Productions.. and features appearances by his fellow old skool rappers Michael V. & Francis M...Then this Month we just recently heard and seen on the Net..The Comeback of another female rapper and the first trilingual group in the P.I...The Pioneers that im talking about is no other than MC Lara & Rapasia..First we've seen MC Lara performing on "Urban Hope" and i think she's already a mainstay there..Second is Rapasia..who recently created a "" account...But were not still sure if they're gonna release their respective comeback albums..So for those you haven't heard of them..Check out our Older Posts or the Archive Section of SoulSonic Tv..Both of them were already featured on our old skool fidays..and let's just wait for their further announcements..


Pics are from Rapasia & Urban Hope's Multiply Page...