Friday, October 12, 2007

MySpace Artist Of The Week: Miss Saigon

Finally back on this piece!! Dito lang sa 'pinas na laging may 3-day weekend vacation once a month kaya eto na naman buhay na uli tayo dahil may konting bakasyon!! First things first we have a new segment here at SoulsonicTv, it's called "MYSPACE ARTIST OF THE WEEK", in which we hook you up with some pinoy artists on the myspace world na kahit papano e deserving your attention. So for the first one, check out our lovely kababayan from New York (akala namen vietnamese!), MS. SAIGON. She is not affiliated with Saigon the rapper, but she's also an aspiring rapper, but judging on her looks, pwede rin model. Check out her music and pics at her page! If you have suggestions on who's myspace page to feature, just holla at the comment box ayt!!

Click On The Image For her MySpace Artist Page


Hehi2 said...

Saigon your music is hot and soo is that #$##@#!#@$#$@#:)