Friday, August 31, 2007

Old Skool Fridays: Bass Rhyme Posse

Bass Rhyme Posse is one of the pioneer rap groups that emerged in the early 90's. They together Andrew E. started out as a mobile crew known as "Rock All Parties Crew" but when Andrew e. signed a record deal with Viva records. Norman B & Andy Luv MD now together with Jay Smooth MC formed the Rap Group "Pine Rhyme" but the name doesn't sound like a rap group so they changed it to "Bass Rhyme Posse". They signed a record deal with Viva Records and their album was released in 1991 with Juan T. as their carrier single. Then in 1992 they mellow down on the rap scene to pursue their own life careers.
For more infos Checkout:

Listen to Ikaw Lamang track and Just click on the image for the Let the Beat Flow track Download

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sun Valley Crew Discography

The Sun Valley Crew, better known as SVC hit the local hiphop scene around 1996, under Dj MOD's Kut5 production. One of the offshoots of the True Asiatik Tribe, the group was hailed as one of the contenders for the throne recently vacated by the Mastaplann crew (which left the Phils. around this time for good). I even remember when i first saw them perform in Heartbeat Megadisco for the DMC finals, i noticed the True Asiatik influence in their style, but more laidback and westcoast. Composed of Juss Rye, Slimm, Ill-J and Puff A-J with production by Dj MOD, their self-titled debut was released in 1996 with the big hit single of that year " My homies".

In 1998,they followed up their successful debut album with the more serious, "Reality check.." It's first single was the club-ready single "Everything is Gonna Be Alright" with Mike luis doing the hook. Although it showcased more of the individual Mc's skills, and more cohesive than the debut album, it failed to match the sales of their debut and was dropped from their lable. After a falling off with Dj MOD, they parted ways with their producer and went the independent route.

6 years later and now independent, they released their critically acclaimed, (and i think their most solid effort) "It's all natural". With now a full band setup and Juss-Rye and Slimm doing the production work, they hit the live circuit and was lauded for their Organic Hiphop performances on small clubs around metro manila. The single "The Real" received heavy rotation on the local music channels, and the group received awards at the first Phil. Hiphop music awards. But after that, none was heard from the group. They stopped performing as a group. Rumors of internal strife, and creative differences abound. Ill-J went solo and released his "The Journey" album, while Slimm became the bassist for the band Chilitees. Juss-Rye is now a dj for R&B station wave and Puff A-J, we just dont know. Let's here it one more time for one of the best hiphop groups that hit our scene, here's (their only tagalog track in their career!), "Hanggang Buto" from their last album. Enjoy!!- BFK

Just Click On The Image for "Hanggang Buto" Track Download

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

DJ Arbie Won hooks up with Nyko Maka, Nimbus 9 for new single.

DJ Arbie Won recently hooked up with Nyko Maka and Nimbus 9 for a brand new single. The track entitled " Loss of Gravity" might be the kick-off single for DJ Arbie Won's United Freestyles 3 album. The album will also feature artists such as God's will, PD, BB Clan, SVC, and many more. They also just shot a video for it to be debut in youtube real soon. Meanwhile, check out this teaser for the upcoming United Freestyles album.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

DMC Phil. Finals

The 2007 DMC Philippine finals is happening this monday August 27 at the Hard Rock Cafe in Makati, the show starts at 9pm. Check out as the contenders battle it out for a chance to represent the country in London for the world finals. Since it's inception, the DMC has been long dominated by Filipinos. Check out this video as we look back to the one of the best ever ([perhaps best) team routines in DMC History. The Triple combo of Dj's Apollo, Q-Bert and Mixmaster Mike at the 1992 DMC Finals.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Old Skool Fridays: " That's The Way Love Is" - Rapasia

Here's a lost gem from RapAsia entitled "That's the way love is".
Rapasia was composed of Brother B.M.,Ronski J & Bronx Magalona brother of Francis Magalona. They were one of the Pioneer Rap Groups here in the Philippines, and the first trilingual group. Their album was released in 1991 under Viva records. In this album you would not only hear English & Tagalog dialects in their tracks but also in Chavacano. Rapasia's biggest single was the radio hit "Hoy tsismosa". Up til now i still play this track especially to my katulong, coz she's too chsimoza.Comprende.

Here is the Track "That's The Way Love Is" from their album and Just click on The Image for their "Hoy Tsismosa" Track Download.. Another Double Trouble from SoulSonic !!!

Graff Drop !!!

This pieces was part of the SBA (Samahang Batang Aerosol) production last 2006 at GreenLane Homes,Las PiƱas
"Bonz is the most famous member of the SBA he was already featured on Channel 7's Documentary program I-WITNESS"

"He was formerly known as DRIX, You can see his pieces on different parts of Metro Manila

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Double Trouble: New Videos !!!
"Tilt Your Cap"- Nimbus9 & Gods Will
"Awit Kay Inay"- Krazykyle ft. Karylle

New Video from Turbulence featuring Nimbus9 & Gods Will and I think this Video was made for Mike Swift's To The Billboard Movement

This is the latest single from the new album of Krazykyle. It features the very beautiful Karylle.

Double Trouble: New Music !!! Jay Flava & PHD

Wadap yall !!! Sensya na medyo napasarap bakasyon coz of long weekend but here we are making it up with some exclusive Sonic booms !!! First up is the banging single from Jay Flava, "Obsolete". We saw him perform this live and it immediately became a Soulsonic favorite.. Next is the B-Roc produced "Panata" from newcomer PHD. A strong single from his "Knowledge Born" Mixtape(or album??).. Here it is!!! Drop a comment to keep it coming !!! Listen or Just Click on the Image for Download

Friday, August 17, 2007

Old Skool Fridays: "Superquento" - MC Lara

Artist: MC Lara and the Rapbusters
Label: Ivory

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

People's Future: On the Grind

Here's an Ambush Interview on PEOPLE'S FUTURE..

What is"People's Future" all About ?
People's Future is all about Good Vibes, Positive Music and that Old School feeling with a New Touch

So How did you Guys Started ?
GAP:Una kami lang dalawa ni VERB. Tapos nakilala ni VERB si JEDLI sa School. Nag po-Produce sya kaya yun.. PEOPLE'S FUTURE na kami !

Who are the Members of the Group ?

Who's the Beatsmith of the Group ?
JEDLI/MR. E (Producer Name}

Influences on Local ?
Miscellaneous, Captain Midnight, Arbie Won, Down Earf, Sun Valley Crew, Mastaplann, Francis M., Turbulence, 7 Shots, AERO with a Dot

Influences on Foreign ?
Too Many ! To name a few: Son of Ran, freddie Joachim, The Upstarts, Crown City Rockers, Heiro Familia, and on East Coast: nas , Mobb Deep, Rakim, Krs-One, Jay-Z, Big L, J-Dilla, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Common, Blackstar, Mcolay, Justus League, The Roots, Dilated Peoples, The Pacifics,Mountain Brothers,Boot Campo, WU, Slum Village at marami pang Iba !

What's the Difference of People's Future from other Local Hip-Hop Acts ?
We stray away from sounds that other crews/acts deliver. Some Elements that you can find from our Performances & Our Lyrics is similar to Jurassic 5,Heiro or Justus League.. But not exactly

Future Projects from People's Future ?
You can catch our Debut Album:

For more info's & news you can also check out their or

Here's a quick video of them performing..of all MRT station!!Peep it!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

SoulSonic Tv Exclusive !! Francis M. "3 Stars And A Sun" Video

This was from the LockeDown event in Saguijo Bar in Makati shot a couple of months ago. Francis M. together with the Hardware Syndrome performing the classic "3 Stars And A Sun".

20th Awit Awards: Best Rap

Best Rap
SONG TITLE : Ngayon Ang Taon
Producer : Jungee Marcelo
Composer : Jungee Marcelo
Lyricist : Jungee Marcelo & Francis M
Artist : Francis M & Jungee Marcelo
Record Label : RG7 Creative Services, Inc.

Jungee Marcelo won the Best Rap song of the Year on the Recently held 20th Awit Awards night last Aug 8 at NBC Tent,Fort Bonifacio,Taguig. He is already a sure winner that night, Why ? because there are only two songs that are being nominated this year and both by Jungee Marcelo. A lot of us maybe keep on wondering..Who is he ? Jungee Marcelo can be considered as a veteran in the music scene. he wrote some of Gary V.'s songs early albums, He was also included on the Early 90's Rap Compilation entitled SaRAP ng Pinoy along with Patrick Cuneta, MCMC and John Rendez. Jungee was also a Hip-Hop Dance Instructor and the Coach of Philippine All Stars. And for those who ask, if the album was really released in the market.. Yes it is !!! You can search for the "PAPURI 19" Album on Tower Records,Radio City and Back to The Bible Bookstore.. and Here is the Album cover ..

Here is the Track from SaRAP ng Pinoy Album

Trailer: "GRAE Season" -Marquiss

Here's the Trailer of Turbulence Productions GRAE Album by MARQUISS

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

AUDIO Drop: "Diploma"- Gloc-9

This is the Title Track from Gloc-9's latest Album under Sony/BMG..He Is Currently doing Mall Tour with Stick Figgas & J-Flava.. On Aug. 17 they will be @ Sm San Lazaro

New Albums !!!

Available @ All Record Bars

Available @ OFC & Their Gigs

Philippine All Stars

Last Year everyone was surprised that the Philippines reigned at the World Hip-Hop Championship. Some of us don't even know that there's such a Dance Competition like World Hip-Hop Championship and an All Star to represent the Philippines. This Year they manage to went back to US to defend their Title even there's a lack of support and sponsor's for them to be able to bought a plane to ticket. July 29,2007 when they defend their title but unfortunately they ended up third place. Eclectik from Trinidad won the First Place, Kaba Modern from USA on Second and our All Stars on third. It doesnt matter on what place they ended up. For us their hardwork and eagerness to compete and represent our country is already enough. Congratulations All Stars !!! You're Still Our Champion !!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Exxxklusibo: Lords of War Mixtape

Watch Out for Pamilia D. - Third Diagram (The Resisitance) Coming Out Real Soon !!!.
So while were waiting for that album feel free to download their Mixtape..

Click on the Image for Download

TRIBU @ Cinemalaya 2007

Tribu bagged the Best Film, Best Sound & Best Actor (Tondo Boys) in Cinemalaya 2007 awards night which was recently held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines last Sunday (July 29). It is another milestone on the Hip-Hop/Rap Scene for winning the award. So on behalf of SoulSonic Staff... KONGRATZ !!

Best Film
Best Actor (Tondo Boys Ensemble)
Best Sound (Mark Laccay)

"50 Thousand Deep" - Blue Scholars

One of our favorite tracks from the new album of Blue Scholars, a Seattle based Hiphop group. Consisting of Fil-Am MC , Geologic and partner Dj/Producer Sabzi, they just released their 2nd album "Bayani", which is one of the contenders for this year's best release. Here's a track entitled "50t deep"..Buy the album ayt!! Pinoys reprazent!!

Click on the Image for Download