Friday, April 18, 2008

The Cabinet Archives: Lost Indie Tracks 2

For this issue of Lost Indie Tracks.. we featured tracks from groups that are no longer making music together for a long period of time...

First we got "1' Mo Gain" by Treynucka-9 (Gloc-9, Gobas, Mista Blaze & Slick n Sly Kane).. This track is from the FUBU Collection CD which is produced by Francis M. Limited copies were released and you can only get a copy if you purchase 2,500++ worth of FUBU products..
It's been almost five years since we last heard a track from Treynucka-9.. will they gonna do an album or new track ? I think they should..

Next we got "Krylon Mic Combat" by Down Earf (Ace-1, Caliph8 & Dj Arbie).. This track is included on the rare "Knowin is Half The Battle" e.p. that was released independently in 1998 under Third Eye Infantry...

Lastly we give you "Tru Playaz" a track from Bomb Ass Playaz (Bomb Ass Prod. Artists) which is composed of "Rapskallion Official" (Krazy K.Y.L.E., Proof Positive & Demarco ROC), C-Poetic of Holla Fame, Trife-1 who is now known as JOLO, M4Real of Cyphasis and Playa-P of the now defunct Grounded as guest artist on this track... You can find this track on the Bomb Ass Compilation entitled "Fo Tha Luv Of It" way back in 1999..