Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Community 2008

Whats good? It's that time of the year again. A couple of setbacks has been surpassed and here we are bout to serve you the perfect venue and audience to put your hiphop out. The world renowned The Community show 2008! This year we are celebrating a 4 week show that includes your favorite hiphop acts!
FREE ENTRANCE, Prince of Jaipur. Jump off day is May 7, 2008! The Community as you know it will be set Every Wednesdays so block those days off. For the people who have been in tuned since its conception, we are trying our best to put of the CD on the last day of The Community 08. Just something to look forward to!

Here's a list of people you might wanna meet and greet during The Community stint! Jay Flava, MHC Crew, Nimbusnine, God's Will, Dcoy, Syke, Beatmathics, Dash, Deleet, Artstrong, The Legendary Jay Masta, Mike Swift, Sunny Blaze, Slick N Sly Kane, Hotnixx, AMPON, Mike Kosa, Death Threat, Mobbstarr, Ron Thug, PKSO, Stick Figgas, Los Indios Bravoz, Krazykyle, NSC from Batangas, A.E.R.O from Bacolod, Buttaflava and whole lot more and some surprise guests.

Hosted by Chrizo and a surprise host!

You know we brought Francis M. last year, Legit Misfitz surprise renuion and True Aziatik Tribe as well. So yeah, we got something up our sleeves!!
Anybody who wants to perform ? Hit me up: B-Roc - +639277814833

C'mon man, tell me you don't wanna go! Catch us on air to jump start this summer celebration on MAY 3 @ 103.5MAX FM as The Flow celebrates and features
The Community all month!!

For new music you can download, check the Myspace site New music from Candy, Gloc9, Nimbusnine and more.

This show is presented to you by:

On The Ground Music
Turbulence Productions
ReBRAND Manila
Prince of Jaipur
Empire Entertainment
The Flow 103.5 MAX FM