Tuesday, April 8, 2008

KNT Singles Collection

Since we're in the topic already, might as well give you guys a bonus. Here's another release this time from the bay area. They started as a crew of Breakdancers in the 80's,known as Kali Noize Terrorists,and later became known as Knuckle Neck Tribe. I found this out through Dj Arbie who's also from the bay. Anyways here's some info:

Here is a collection of songs by KNT, a crew of Filipinos that are apparently in the circle of friends of the Invisbl Skratch Piklz as their releases always featured cuts by Apollo or Q-Bert. Included in this pack are the "Meditation / Now You Know" single (released on Alex Aquino's (ITF founder) label Ace Records, cuts by Apollo), the "Jackin You" 12" and the track "Circles" (cuts by Q-Bert), their contribution to the dope compilation album "Rules of the Game"which featured West Coast acts like Living Legends, Bored Stiff, Mystic ,Mystik Journeymen, Various Blends and others. Don't miss out on this. (thanks to the indiecratez folks foe the hookup..sorry coudnt find a group pic..)
Dangload na!!