Friday, April 4, 2008

Old Skool Fridays: "Sa-Sa-Sadddam" - Lady Diane

It's been almost a month since our last Old Skool Fridays.. but it's worth the wait.. for this week we got Lady Diane who is considered the First Female Rapper here in Philippines. She releases her debut album "The First Lady of Rap" in 1991 under OctoArts...and "Sa-Sa-Saddam" was her first single from the album.. which eventually became an instant hit at that time... that single catapulted her career in to the limelight.. She guested & performed on various TV shows in the country.. and "Sa-Sa-Saddam" was in constant play on the radio.. alongside with "Andrew E., Denmark & Francis M. tracks... Lady Diane was also on various OPM compilations.. Then suddenly she went on Hiatus... leaving listeners & fans with only one album... But everybody was surprised when she resurfaced on the music scene in 2003 on P-Noize compilation.. with "Hindi Na" featuring Misteazas on the track.. and rumors started that she's gonna be releasing a comeback album.. But up to now.. we haven't hear anything from her ... So while were waiting and looking for Lady Diane.. let's just listen to her classic "Sa-Sa-Saddam"

Special thanks to DJ Era for this track !!!