Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pinoy Classic: Key Kool and Rhettmatic

Long before Native Gunz, Blue Scholars, Sevenes and others paved the way for Fil-am Hip-hoppers into the scene, out of southern california came the duo of Dj Rhettmatic and the MC Key Kool. Along with KNT and Pikaso, they're one of the pinoy hiphop groups in the westcoast circuit doing their thingz. Released in 1995, this certified classic became the precursor to what became the "Visionaries", which of course one of the best underground hiphop groups from L.A. Theyre still active in the hiphop scene, especially Dj Rhettmatic who is a member of the world famous Beat Junkies...(thanks to M-flow for the link and additional info!)


Mark V said...

fo sho!

But i though Key Kool was Japanese or maybe Chinese?

Good lookin out!