Friday, September 14, 2007

Old Skool Fridays: "Alyas Ninong" - Michael V.

Our Old Skool Fridays Artist of the week is the famous comedian now also known as BITOY. But before he became a household name. Michael V. was Andrew E.'s Rival because of the "Maganda Ang Piliin" Track & Album.. a contradict to Andrew E.'s Megahit "Humanap ka ng Panget"..After that he Released Two more Rap Albums.. Which is Joke Time also in 1991 & Gusto Kong Sumigaw in 1993. He Also appeared on Various Movie Soundtracks before he switched or released Novelty Albums..Now Enjoy Bitoy's Hip-Hop/Rap Days..Here's a track from Joke Time album which was also used on a Movie entitled Valentin Zapanta: Alyas Ninong...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting here thsi song. BTW, di you have his version of the song Ikaw Pa Rin?...i think that's from his first album.

Reggie Naabay said...

how can i download his album?
or where can i get his rap song?
tenx in advance. hope to read this and feedback too.