Friday, September 14, 2007

VS:"Mad Flava vs Madd Poets"

MAD FLAVA is a 4-man crew from Dallas, which entered the scene around 1994 with their album " From tha ground unda.." Although they didnt make any major buzz around that time, there'a couple of singles there that's worth a listen. Comparison to early House of Pain and Cypress Hill is evident, but their repetitive topic actually compliments the boom bap production heard here. In my book, i consider it as a 4gotten classic. Here's one of the singles, "Gotz to flow to this.." A Nice jam driven by that ever popular Lou Donaldson drum break very much used to death during this era...

MADD POETS is another 4man crew, this time from Metro Manila. One of the original groups that spawned from the Dongalo camp way back in the glory days of mid-90's Pinoy Hiphop. Although they're still making music til' now, they only released one album so far, the now rare and hard to find "Ikatlong Mundo" released in 1997. Here's their single from that album entitled, "Manyakol"..A drive-by show favorite back in the days...-Dj Rise (thanx to Dj Arbie for added info)

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