Friday, September 28, 2007

Old Skool Fridays: "Check Da Hood" - 4 East Flava

Our Old Skool Fridays artist for the week is 4 East Flava. A Rap Group that also achieved commercial success in the early 90's with their smash Hit "Check Da Hood" from their 1994 debut album "Too Much Flava". In result they are (one of) the first local Hip-Hop artists to endorse a clothing product which is GIBI..The group was also featured on different newspaper articles...and at that time there were also rumors that there was a misunderstaning or beef going on between Mastaplann and them...They continued to perform up to 1996 then they went on hiatus. But in 1999 the group came back but.. now with a new line up.. with only 3 founding members remaining..they added up another MC.. and they released a compilation entitled Butta Flava v.1 which also features Gazzelle an R & B Singer and Layzie Fu as their Camp's New Artist... two more volumes of Butta Flava album were released which featured Young/New Rap Artist's & Butta Flava which consists of Honey Jug & Gazzelle.. An indication that 4 East Flava was already disbanded or went again on hiatus.. Who Knows ? Anyway here's their Hit Single " Check Da Hood"

Click On The Image for "Funniest Thing (Papa Um)" Track Download