Friday, September 7, 2007

Old Skool Fridays/ Whatever Happened To ?: John Rendez aka "METAL DOG"

Some of us have seen or heard the name John Robert Porter / John Rendez on Movies or in Showbiz especially when the Superstar Nora Aunor is the topic but not all of us knew that he was a rapper. He Co-written one of Francis M.'s Classics which is "Man From Manila". John Rendez released an album in the early 90's entitled "Metal Dog" under Viva Records. The Album consists of 9 tracks and his style is similar to Everlast of House of Pain. 2 tracks are Ballad which i think leads to his 2nd Album which is a Acoustic/Ballad Album and he used "John Robert Porter Jr." on that album. Now this post was supposed to be just Old Skool Fridays, But since he went on hiatus and we don't even know where he is. I think this post should be also on "Whatever Happened To ?" But here it is, very rare and out of print, check out Metal Dog

Special Thanks to ARTHUG for this material

Listen to the the Title Track of this Album


Anonymous said...

(taken from an interview of Nora Aunor re John Rendez)

During the interview, she also clarified a personal issue about her alleged romantic involvement with John Rendez, a Filipino rapper-actor, who is also in Bea.

"Once and for all, si John, kapamilya namin yan," she said. "Hindi ko boyfriend si John. Si John may sariling pamilya, may anak sa Pilipinas."

Showing a trace of anger for the first time during the interview, Aunor expressed disappointment at rumormongers. She felt they sabotaged Rendez's career.

Having her personal life become fodder for gossip mill is nothing new to Aunor, having gone through it throughout her marriage and eventual separation from actor Christopher de Leon, and during her involvement with former Philippine president Joseph Estrada.

But she's particularly ticked off in Rendez's case because she insists that their relationship is nothing but friendly.

"Yung tao, mula nung maintriga, di na nakapag-trabaho. Di na nabigyan ng pagkakataon na maipakita ang talent," she said.

Anonymous said...

John is living in Riverside County California and has recently guested in some of Ms. Aunors shows and also recently was in digital movie titled "ingrata" featuring Nora Aunor, written by Bernardo Bernardo and directed by Joey Gonzales and filmed in the United States. It was a low budget project but John was very good in it according to acclaimed dierctor Elwood Perez who recetly along with nora aunor recied lifetime achievment awards in Los angeles california this november 2007.

YO said...

i got his album recently dis summer..found it in a store dat sells movies n karaoke stuff near colma bart..thought i would never get my hands on a copy but i did!! i even got d album by h-bomb another rare find!!

Carly said...

You write very well.

Anonymous said...

@yo dude can you give me a copy of john rendez album and h bomb too here's my email add
i can trade you some old school pinoy rap(oblaxz, ghetto doggz, and masta plann) or foreign artist(oftb, i smooth 7, above the law etc.) salamat!