Friday, August 31, 2007

Old Skool Fridays: Bass Rhyme Posse

Bass Rhyme Posse is one of the pioneer rap groups that emerged in the early 90's. They together Andrew E. started out as a mobile crew known as "Rock All Parties Crew" but when Andrew e. signed a record deal with Viva records. Norman B & Andy Luv MD now together with Jay Smooth MC formed the Rap Group "Pine Rhyme" but the name doesn't sound like a rap group so they changed it to "Bass Rhyme Posse". They signed a record deal with Viva Records and their album was released in 1991 with Juan T. as their carrier single. Then in 1992 they mellow down on the rap scene to pursue their own life careers.
For more infos Checkout:

Listen to Ikaw Lamang track and Just click on the image for the Let the Beat Flow track Download


Norman B said...

thanks and big ups, soulsonic tv. more power!