Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Philippine All Stars

Last Year everyone was surprised that the Philippines reigned at the World Hip-Hop Championship. Some of us don't even know that there's such a Dance Competition like World Hip-Hop Championship and an All Star to represent the Philippines. This Year they manage to went back to US to defend their Title even there's a lack of support and sponsor's for them to be able to bought a plane to ticket. July 29,2007 when they defend their title but unfortunately they ended up third place. Eclectik from Trinidad won the First Place, Kaba Modern from USA on Second and our All Stars on third. It doesnt matter on what place they ended up. For us their hardwork and eagerness to compete and represent our country is already enough. Congratulations All Stars !!! You're Still Our Champion !!!


mhike-hell said...

yeah..yeah!!philippine all stars really "tight"..babavoom!!damn they really burn the the whole floor!!im proud to be pinoy!!

GarenaGamer said...

congratulations to them

Christian said...

Philippine All Stars Representing all the Filipinos around the world! It makes me proud i am a Filipino!

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