Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sun Valley Crew Discography

The Sun Valley Crew, better known as SVC hit the local hiphop scene around 1996, under Dj MOD's Kut5 production. One of the offshoots of the True Asiatik Tribe, the group was hailed as one of the contenders for the throne recently vacated by the Mastaplann crew (which left the Phils. around this time for good). I even remember when i first saw them perform in Heartbeat Megadisco for the DMC finals, i noticed the True Asiatik influence in their style, but more laidback and westcoast. Composed of Juss Rye, Slimm, Ill-J and Puff A-J with production by Dj MOD, their self-titled debut was released in 1996 with the big hit single of that year " My homies".

In 1998,they followed up their successful debut album with the more serious, "Reality check.." It's first single was the club-ready single "Everything is Gonna Be Alright" with Mike luis doing the hook. Although it showcased more of the individual Mc's skills, and more cohesive than the debut album, it failed to match the sales of their debut and was dropped from their lable. After a falling off with Dj MOD, they parted ways with their producer and went the independent route.

6 years later and now independent, they released their critically acclaimed, (and i think their most solid effort) "It's all natural". With now a full band setup and Juss-Rye and Slimm doing the production work, they hit the live circuit and was lauded for their Organic Hiphop performances on small clubs around metro manila. The single "The Real" received heavy rotation on the local music channels, and the group received awards at the first Phil. Hiphop music awards. But after that, none was heard from the group. They stopped performing as a group. Rumors of internal strife, and creative differences abound. Ill-J went solo and released his "The Journey" album, while Slimm became the bassist for the band Chilitees. Juss-Rye is now a dj for R&B station wave and Puff A-J, we just dont know. Let's here it one more time for one of the best hiphop groups that hit our scene, here's (their only tagalog track in their career!), "Hanggang Buto" from their last album. Enjoy!!- BFK

Just Click On The Image for "Hanggang Buto" Track Download