Friday, January 9, 2009

Old Skool Fridays: "Mr.Disco"- H-Bom

Old Skool Fridays is back !!! and for this issue we got H-Bom (Sketch) whom we featured last year on Whatever Happened to ? (link) segment.. We saw that he is now busy doing shows on Las Vegas performing cover songs from Usher to Montell Jordan.. Now we gonna feature a track from his sophomore release (3rd album including the 1st group album) "Pwede Ba?" that is released in 1998.. This is the album that leads to what Sketch is doing right now.. It consists of 10 tracks.. most of them are renditions or sampled and commercial tracks.. he even did a Tongue Twist rap style (Bone-Thugs Style).. He really pushed himself doing POP tracks on this album trying to reach a larger audience (masa) which he successfully did with the rendition of "Next In Line" as single that became staple on the airwaves for months... After a year Sketch released his 3rd and last album to date.. Anyway here's Mr. Disco by H-Bom