Friday, January 9, 2009

1st Locked Down night for 2009: Live @ Absinth

LockedDown Productions will hold it's 1st LockedDown night this Monday Jan.12 at Absinth Bar Greenbelt 3 in Makati.This is a free event with beer bucket specials all nyt! Performers includes ILL-J, Pamilia Dimagiba, Monique, People's Future,Miscellenous,God's Will, Dj Rye and more.

LockedDown productions is one of P.I's strong advocates and supporter of the local Hiphop scene. It has now evolved into a full pledged independent label distributed nationwide by Odyssey record stores. It's roster of albums includes the new album from PD and Chilitees. But it also carries local rock and alternative talents such as Bagetsafonik and Ciudad. LockedDown head honcho Mr. Jigger says it has even bigger plans this year as they prepare to release new album from ILL-J and the debut from People's Future.

So head on this Monday to start your week off with some fresh Hipjop vibes from the best of the local scene.