Friday, January 23, 2009

Old Skool Fridays: "Biscocho Massacre" -Urban Flow

On our last issue of old skool fridays we featured H-Bom and after that we received requests for this group to be put on the spotlight here at Old Skool Fridays.. The group that im talking about is no other than "Urban Flow" who is considered as the original rap balladeers in P.I...which consists of Sunny Blaze, Wilzone, Dj Arbie & Dj Flux.. They released their debut album "Test da Flow" in 1995 under OctoArts Records.. and the album reach the Gold Record status.. With their radio friendly hits such as Ms. Pakipot, Balaleng, and Lumayo Ka to name a few of their songs that was played on the local airwaves.. single after single... almost half of the 10 track album was aired and not to mention the TV guestings specially on noontime shows where they became "Suki" to the extent that it will make you wonder and say Urban Flow again ?.. and turn off the boob tube.. Anyways on this album, most of the tracks are for the ladies or can be called "Harana Rap" on our local lingo.. but there are also funny storytelling tracks like Handkerchief Girl, Kapcop and our featured track Biscocho Massacre which is most likely a spoof of "Visconde Massacre".. For me this track stands out from the other tracks in the album because of it's sound, content and dual dj scratching of Dj Flux & Arbie .. Listen to this cut and it will make you go to the nearest Bread Shop... Enjoy !!