Saturday, May 17, 2008

We Still Here !

Yap we aint goin nowhere! Just been busy preparing for the SoulSonic Anniversary which is by the way coming real soon. Plus it's our boy Unit-o3's birthday weekend so we in celebrate mode right now. One thing that's been also busy for sure is our shoutbox. I know it's starting to become like but we do try our best to monitor it. To all the haters, and we know who you are, keep the hating at a minumum. Mas mabuti pa siguro kung sumuporta kayo at magpunta sa mga hiphop shows at hindi puro hate sa computer screen nyo ang ginagawa nyo hehe.

Speaking of shows, y'all still have about 2 more weeks to experience live Hip-Hop to the fullest with the Community happening all this May at Jaipur the Fort. We were there last week and its good to see local talent poppin. I just wished the drinks weren't so expensive. (120 for a beer?sh*t...)I hope the organizers realize that our Hip-Hop market is not all ballers and BalikBayans, so a lot of us cant afford that ridiculous 120 beer. Where's the bucket when u need em??

So we leave u off with a little sumthin for now, check out a joint from way back..A lost WILLIE NEP track, OPISINA...Deadicated to all our loyal haterz...We goin now to the TONDO HIPHOP SUMMIT so til' next tym.