Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Album/Single: Sinong Magsasabi - "Francis M."

At last, it's been 8 years since my last album, (Freeman 2/2000), and here is my first of 8 installments for 2008. "Sino Magsasabi" is my version of the tale The Emperor's New Clothes.
It is NOT for sale, yet you get it for free for every purchase of 2 FMCC roundneck tees, or 1 FMCC collared polo tee. It is a LIMITED issue and is serially numbered 1 to 2500, worldwide. It is NOT playable in your car stereos (unless they play MP3's) because, each single is a DATA CD that contains Documents, Pictures and Music. (YUP just like a MAC) Each of the 8 singles is unique in content for the collector.
Collect all 8 singles and SEE THE BIG PICTURE. And by the end of the year, or early next year, I drop the FULL CD AUDIO Album "The F-Word"
This 1st single is the "clean" radio edit. The word on the street is the "dirty" version will be released as a bonus track when the 2nd single drops next month.
Get your FMCC tees and your LIMITED singles before they run out. Where? At 3 STARS & A SUN, NEO-CHINATOWN, 2ND FLR., BRADCO AVE, COR. MACAPAGAL BLVD.
Hope y'all like the music, it's LIVE featuring the HARDWARE SYNDROME. IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK. BASAGAN NA NG BUNGO.
- Francis M.



Anonymous said...

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