Friday, May 23, 2008

Old Skool Fridays: K-9 Killaz


Tail In The Ass

Whoah.. after 6 busy weeks.. finally im back here at Old Skool Fridays.. thanks to the people who keep on supportin and sending us e-mails this one is for all of you... For this week we bring you the group that is counterpart of "Ghetto Doggs" (1st Batch)... and it is no other than "K-9 Killaz" which is composed of Dogg Catcha who is formerly known as Mic Checka of Flipz (see Flipz Old Skool Fridays) and can now be heard as Quickie, Cheez (the only female MC in the group), Tha Krook, Apartheid, G-Killa, Snoop Rakka, Cruzial Killa, Skoovy-D, Mad Killa (not from Salbakuta), Shot-G who is now part of 9MM (Rappublic of The Philippines), Son Mack and MasterShock (former H-Bom member). Their self titled album was released independently in 1997 under Dogg Catcha's (Quickie) StreetNoise Records.. The 14 track (4 skits) album that was produced by MasterShock contains diss tracks to the 1st batch artist of Dongalo Wreckords including Chill.. It is stated on the inlay that this was supposedly to be a fly album (I think it's their term for international album) but it didn't happen.. and up to this day this is their only album... They didn't do another album even Dongalo Wreckords released Ghetto Doggs version 2.0 and Chinese Mafia album which contains diss tracks to them... Maybe their beef was already settled by then.. Because MasterShock has guested Dongalo's 1st batch of artist on his independent solo album.. and Quickie told the now defunct Vibestation "Urban MYX" that he is following the footsteps of Andrew E. and he already proved it on his 3 Quickie albums where he really sounds like Andrew E. Anyways let's just listen to history.. here is "Dominate" & "Tail In the Ass" by K-9 Killaz...