Thursday, May 22, 2008

VS: "Brand Nubian vs Krook & JOLO"

It's time for another VS and in this issue we got Brand Nubian vs Krook & JOLO. Brand Nubian is an early 90's group that was originally a 3 man crew from New York that consist of Grand Puba, Lord Jamar & Sadat X... but the group turned into a duo when Grand Puba left the group to pursue his solo career right after Brand Nubian's 1st album release... But came back after a couple of years to reunite with his group. Their last release was in 2007 with the album "Time's Runnin Out"...

Krook & JOLO is very similar to the above mentioned group.. they were also originally a 3 man crew known as Trilogy composed of Kristyles, JOLO & Krook.. and just like Brand Nubian... Right after the group's debut album.. one member left... and in this case Kristyles is the one who left the group.. Krook & JOLO continued their career and released an album without a group name and it is just simply titled "Focused"...

Here's their songs, sampled from the 80's band Simply Red. The Krook & JOLO version featured R&b singer Arnee on the hook. Which one ya'll like better?

Click on the image for track download