Friday, June 12, 2009

Watawat / 1896 - Francis M.

Better late then never..Another video from the late master rapper, form the album Interscholastic. Directed by Raymond Red

As we celebrate Independence Day. We feature a video and a track from the man who started this Urban Patriotism in the local hip-hop scene. This is an enough proof to see that the late Francis M. was way ahead of his time. A trendsetter that was followed by others late or years before they even cope up to Francis M. words/lyrics.

First is a video that was released 10 years ago, right before everyone started shouting, rapping, singing Filipino!! and wearing Maka-bayan / Filipino gears. The video is directed by Raymond Red who also directed the TV Movie "Kamada" in 1997 where Francis M. stars as the lead actor and it won on the 1997 P.B.A. Awards as "Best TV Special" of the year. Raymond red is considered as one of the first revolutionary filmmakers here in the country. His elder brother Jon Red started releasing Indie Movies in the early 2000 and Francis M. appeared on one of its movie "Astigmatism" in 2004 and it won numerous awards internationally.

Second is a track that was released in 1996 from the compilation "1896 Ang Pagsilang” which includes artists such as Eraserheads, The Youth,Alamid, Francism, Grace Nono, Wency Cornejo, Sugar Hiccup and Francis M. as the only rap/hip-hop artist on the said album.
The track was also included on Francis M's "Happy Battle" album that was released in 1997.