Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Papirazzi: LockedDown nyt at Cubao X!

Analog MC of Bagetsafonik Asia Posse
Babes and Raffy R. of JUAN Fist clothing
Pikoy the cutest beatboxer EVER.
DTech and Dj Umph of Miscelleneous
SwitchTrick of Miscelleneous
Dj Arbie 1
People's Future getting artsy
Encyclopedik of Pamilia D.
Pamilia Dimagiba
Ill-J and Monique,the Hiphop couple
God's Will reppin Balisonnng
Chillitees singing the very sensual "Gatas"
C-Lo of Miscelleneous
Analog Mc of bagetsafonik
Photos by Jowee Encina for LockedDown Entertainment..featuring LockedDown artists: ILL-J, Monique,Pamilia Dimagiba, Gods Will,Peoples Future,Bagetsafonik and the newest addition to its roster, Miscellaneous.