Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Video: "Tip It Up" -Cashtown (Saga Touch & Franchizze)

"Tip It Up" is the newest single by the Toronto Hip-Hop outfit "Cashtown Records." Cashtown Records is a Hip-Hop label/crew founded in 2005-2006 by the production team of Casino and Nauty in Toronto Canada. Cashtown Records was instrumental in the production of Beware's last studio album, "Revenge of da Undaground," with Casino featuring on the track "Dopestarr" and the crew initializing and appearing in the street single "Palakpakan Everyone." Cashtown's current roster consists of various artists including the crew Saga Touch (members Illa and Zeus spitting in the clip above) and the Tagalog rap duo of Dos Armados (consisting of suwa-ILL and Franchizze One, the latter featured spitting in the clip above). Siguradong sasabog ang club dito...... peep it. - SOL