Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Community Live

The Community is a yearly hip-hop event organized by Nathan J's On Tha Ground Ent. and Turbulence Prod. it is held every Wednesday for 4-8 weeks on the month of April-May.. This serves as a summer get together of local hip-hop artist from different camps. Artist from Old to the New skool shared the same stage to showcase their talents which makes this yearly event highly anticipated.. But for it's 4th year the Community will not gonna push thru (due to B-Roc's absence ?) instead B-Roc released "The Communty Live" album for FREE DOWNLOAD on

B-Roc's Statement/Blog
We want y'all to miss us for minute, organizing an event like this for the past 3 years has definitely been one of our greatest achievements as a scene. Thank you to you, and to the people who came and supported each one of them the past 3 years. (see full)


Anonymous said...

pls. post new link on mediafire pls. pls. pls. thanks