Friday, August 15, 2008

Francis M. stricken with leukemia

This week we were all shocked by the news that the Master Rapper Francis M. has been diagnosed with leukemia.. at first we are having a second thought or i can say that were on denial stage.. until an official statement was released on the noontime show Eat Bulaga where Francis M. is hosting everyday..

Francis M. statement on Eat Bulaga

Sad but true.. Francis M. has been diagnosed with leukemia and now being treated.. Blood donations are being accepted at the Medical City - Ortigas.. Our prayers for him is also needed this time.. We at SoulSonic are praying and hoping for his immediate recovery.. In the meantime we gonna give Francis Magalona fans a classic track for our Old Skool Fridays.. Yeah we know that we already featured "Gotta Letcha Know (Extended version)", "Tayo'y Mga Pinoy", "Ito Ang Gusto Ko" and the Urban Patriot Mix by Beatmeister. But this time we bring you the classic track that has been revived by Arnee Hidalgo ft. JOLO and remade & remixed by a bunch of heads on the internet and it is no other than "Cold Summer Nights"... a common track as it seems to most of us.. but this is from Ponga's 45 Vinyl (single) and it includes an Instrumental version. So what are you waiting for.. start downloading another SoulSonic Exclusive !!!
Cold Summer Nights
Cold Summer Nights Instrumental

EB Dabarkads Message (Chikka Minute)


Anonymous said...

one love to my biggest idol, the king of rap, my kuya, mentor, inspiration to become as classy as you are one day kiks... get well soon, miss ko na ikaw!! nice seeing you in virginia beach! (nabigla ka ano : ) )
kaya mo yan, my prayers and support laging nadito para sa yo, salamat sa lahat ng tulong mo

your little pasaway at matigas na ulong brother
Mike Swift

the beatmeister said...

this is really a bummer... :( hope he gets well soon...