Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Francis M.: Collectors Edition CDs

This box set contains Francis M.'s first 3 albums (Yo !, Rap is Francis M & Meron Akong Ano) that is Digitally Remastered and includes Bonus Tracks on each CD.

Personally I am really happy that Francis M.'s early albums were finally released here in PI. I always wanted to have a CD copy of his first 3 albums. I even tried to order @ regalfilms.com where it is only available back then but they only allow US residents to order. So for me who is residing here in P.I. have no choice but to wait for this to be released here.. But now that is released here and some of my friends already bought a copy. I should have mine too.. But I am really having a second thought about this.. Why?.. Way back in 2006 when I was still researching on where to get FM's 1st 3 albums, I accidentally discovered his personal webpage on multiply.com. Then me as a fan created an account on that site to get in touch with him and try to buy copies of his albums.. I sent a personal message to him and he replied that he don’t have copies of his albums for sale and he sent me the link on his blog where all his album covers was uploaded, And as I read the comments. There is one that really caught my attention and it is a comment from Francis M. himself… A comment that really stucked on my mind since I read it. That is why when they re-issue his albums. I immediately searched his blog if it still exists and prove that my memory serves me right so I can share it here on SoulSonic.

Click on the Image to read it
I am not trying to discourage the fans to buy this album actually i am really thinking to get one. I just want the readers to know how Record Labels run their business that even The King of Phil. Rap was ripped off on the rights of his own songs.
I don't know if Francis M. managed to buy the rights to his songs before he died. If not I just hope that the record labels should at least give some of the profit from FM's albums to his family or to charities like Phil. National Red Cross. But who am i to speak.. Business is Business right? And them record labels are running real business.


dirtyone said...

this really sucks!
this just shows the dirty side of record labels and on how they operate. and to think that hip-hop was booming during his time, man! they must've ripped a lot of cash from all their artists.
but i guess it really is all business.