Friday, August 29, 2008

Old Skool Fridayz: "Reality Hurtz"- Pamilia Dimagiba

Yes we know some of you are very excited with the Eraserheads reunion concert on Aug.30.. even though they're not hiphop, most of us grew up with their music during the 90's..that's why our OSF today is related to them..this one is way back 1997, with the 1st ever rap group sampling the Eraserheads, Pamilia Dimagiba.. For their song "Reality Hurtz", from the "Broke & Unsigned" e.p., they sampled the acoustic track" Fill her" from the Cutterpillow album of the Eraserheads. Here it is,very rare and hard to find, with added bonus..the original track from the E-heads.. Dangload na!