Friday, June 20, 2008

Mixedtapez !

Here's a couple of freebies for our loyal Soulsonic viewerz. Maiba naman..lets give some shine to our dj's..This will be only available for a limited time so grab them before you can.

First we have a long lost mixedtape from DMC champ Dj Coki..This was released wayback late 90's when he won the DMC championship.. This is a nonstop scratchmix, check it out!

This is another lost gem, this time from Dj Arbie Won. He was one of the first lokal dj's to released mixedtapes here in the p.i, as early as '95..I even have a newave megamix on cassette. But this one is fairly recent, this was given as a giveaway at one of his gigs in 2004. This one is called "Born in Shaolin vol.1"..Kinda like a megamix of our favorite wu-tang joints. Check the intro and yall know watsup.
And of course, we have one of the best all time mixedtapez ever done, "Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze Music"..A regular on our playlist here at Soulsonic Tv. Released in '94, the grandmaster mixed all the best breakbeats in the history of hiphop and some of the most mindboggling scratching we ever heard. Dangload na!


Xtianismo said...

friend ko si Coki.sana matandaan pa niya ko.siya gumawa ng pendant ko na xtian.Rapublic bro!