Thursday, June 12, 2008

Femme Fatale

Rap and Hip-Hop is just one of the music genre that is dominated by males.. but just like other genre.. there are still women that will emerge and represent.. Here in the Philippines there are quite few names that made a mark in the local hip-hop/rap scene...
First is "Lady Diane" who is considered the first lady of rap. for the fact that she is the first female rapper who released an album here in P.I.. She came through the scene around the early 90's with her song "Sa-Sa-Damm", which triumphantly ruled the airwaves alongside with the male rappers at that time..
Then in the same year (1991) another female mc came out with an album and she goes by the name of "MC Lara"... Her single "Superquento" (local version of JJ Fad's "Supersonic") became a hit..

There are also other notable females in the local scene around that time but they are part of a group.. like Radha, Jeannie of BOOM which later became Kulay.. and HoneyLuv "Jug" of 4 East Flava..

Fast forward to 1996 .. when a rapper named "Chill" made a name in the scene.. she first appeared on numerous Dongalo Wreckords projects.. before she released her self titled album in 1998 which received commercial success.. Aside from collaborating with other rappers.. Chill even did tracks with rock bands on compilations, bands album and on her second release entitled "Egomaniacal" which also featured a female rap duo namely "Misteazas" that is composed of "Dizzy" & "2tay" who is now a solo artist..

Not too long after Chill.. groups with female members came out like "7 Shots of Wisdom" who has a singer namely "Kim", Grounded has also a female member, and all female member rap groups like "Heaven Sent & Cyphasis" also broke out into the scene around 1999...

Then in 2000 another female mc/singer goes by the name of Candy released an album entitled "Assorted Flava" ...Candy, who is a distant cousin of Geneva Cruz, was a potential artist to takeover that time because she composes her own stuff, but unfortunately her album was poorly promoted and just languished in the record shelves.
A year after.. a young teen who got discovered when she joined a beauty pageant on a local noontime show released her self titled album "L-Smith"..the album featured a revival of Mastaplann's hit, bring that booty, and was the last female mc album that was released up to this day...

Right now there are still quite few names that can be heard and seen performing around the Metro.. like "Hi-C" of MobbStarr (but i don't think she's into rapping though) , "Monique" of 7 Shots who sings & rap and there are also aspiring new talents in the underground & internet scene.. but still none of them released an album yet...


Anonymous said...

Sir, nice blog po. Ang dami kong natutunan dito. I noticed na nagupload kayo ng dalawang songs ni MC Lara. Do you happen to have Tai' Ona or Di Ko Sana Pinigilan. I have been searching all those old Quiapo record stores pero wala na akong makita na cassette nya. Ang nakita ko lang ay yung album ni Denmark na It's Markie D at yung Surot na Album na natransfer ko na sa mp3s.

Holler at me through my e-mail.

Peace Out
Jane O.