Thursday, July 16, 2009

Exclusive! "Palaban" (single)- JL aka Jaime Labrador

Here's a SoulSonic exclusive for all ya'll hungry for homegrown Hiphop! Here's the jumpoff single from the upcoming solo album of JL, aka Jaime Labrador of the group Madd Poets.. The single is produced by LowKey the boy wonder with remixes by Morse and Squid9(Raimund Marasigan). So dangload na!!

Palaban- JL produced by LowKey

Palaban- JL (Morse remix)

Palaban- JL (Squid9 remix)



haha Don G Belgica just mudered you fag, haha, Don G's track "no homo" was the shit

hahahahaha motherfuckin weak

Anonymous said...

Lupet ng remix ni Squid-9. Palaban!!