Friday, July 3, 2009

"Back To the New School" -Turbulence Prod.

It's been 2 1/2 weeks since the release of this album.. I just waited for the download servers to be free of traffic and not to reach the download limit before i post it here.. So for those peeps who hasn't downloaded this yet.. Start clicking the link and listen to this latest offering from the Turbulence Camp..

Note: There's a track here that's kinda controversial.. Beef/Diss ?.. It's for you to find out !!!


OUTLAW said...

this shit is whaccckkkk

Anonymous said...

heartfelt na heartfelt ang track ni b-roc. halata na sincere. bato bato sa langit ang tamaa'y wag magalit. hindi naman "diss" yun, sinasabe lang ang naramdaman. the rest of the compilation is good too. ganda. paborito ko'y mga tracks ni idol nimbusnine tsaka yung track ni j-hon at mike swift.

Anonymous said...

inggit lng kase si broc

can't F with this G said...

inggit how? the dude has production credits from stick figgas to gloc-9, united the local hiphop scene in the form of THE COMMUNITY, has gotten magazine write-ups and features, not to mention props and respect from the late king himself. panalo ang compilation na toh! (except for some tracks na hindi ko masyadong nafeel pero iba iba naman ang preference natin eh) dope yung space jam remix.... mga natamaan lang ang galit. :)