Saturday, November 24, 2007

SoulSonic Shoutout !!!

After 3 "BUSY" weeks have passed... SoulSonic Force staff is back... Thanks to SOL for the Interview... and J for our Myspace Artist of the week... But on the other hand there's gonna be some changes here in SoulSonic.. First Old Skool Fridays is no longer gonna be weekly (twice or once a month would be fine?)... Second is we gonna put up new segments like the "Born Agen Lovers" and more... So just send us your suggestions and requests... Now if you guys still think that were too lazy... think again.. SoulSonic Force staff is now in the works of Mike Swift's "To The Billboard/SoulSonic TV exclusive"... More Interviews are already lined up... Plus the Shhhh(Hahaha)... is now in the Lab... SoulSonic Staff wanna say thanks to all the people who keeps on sending us messages/shoutouts... Peace