Friday, March 23, 2012

Hopie in Manila: Right at Home w/ Her Roots

"I feel very happy and blessed, to just even have the fanbase that I do have...and if this is where it ends or if this is the pinnacle of it all, then it's more than I could really ever ask for..." - Hopie

Last month, we were graced with a semi-impromptu visit from the immense Bay area-based Hip Hop force - HOPIE. Having left as a child and before any point of recollection, this trip served as her first real bonding experience with Manila. While newcomers tend to go through the standard culture shock, the petite femcee seemed to find her footing here from the moment she stepped onto Philippine soil. She was able to speak our native tongue (though she swears her "accent is f*cked up"), soak in her surroundings, and get down with the music scene for sure.

The Hip hop in Her, Cafe808 and Soulsonic TV were fortunate enough to connect with this talented lady in a 3-way collaborative coverage of her stay here. In our sit-down interview with her at Kerplunk Studio, we were able to pick her brain on her growth as a fresh artist with Diamond Dame to her true self in Raw Gems to her being"a rappin' ass person" that plans to keep putting out music. Before hitting the booth with a heavy-duty performance of "Trunk (Remix", we proceeded to cover an array of topics with Hopie about who she is down to the core, her thoughts on being a female in a male-dominated industry, her dream collaboration, etc. Most importantly, how she felt right at home with her roots.

-The Hip-Hop In Her

"Sexy is being you" - Hopie