Saturday, October 22, 2011

Free Download: "Lil' N (Demo)" -Lil' N

Lil N has been pushing himself as an artists for 4 years. He has been faced with many challenges and decided early that he would pursue a career in music. Starting out being a local basketball hoop star, he decided to stay close to home and represent the city of Indianapolis(now living in the Philippines). His second highly anticipated project is being held back due to the possibility of signing a major deal. Lil N will be a household name you will soon hear worldwide. His performances gain nothing less than the highest respect amongst his peers and music lovers along the same. He caters to the masses presenting diverse styles. His original sound is 100% Mid-west. He began by writing lyrics and rapping at local shows. Lil N invested his money and invested in his career. Lil N took inspirations from people such as J-Slim, Lil' Syte, Lil' Wayne and Philthy Phil, which are people he has either listened too, to master his style or has influenced him personally. Future: His future hold great possibilities. He is young and he spits fire. There is only one Lil N.

-Lil'N Music

for more info:!/lilnmusic